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I have it in my netflix queue. Maybe I should move it nearer to the top!


Watch it with your family-- and I mean, your entire extended family!


Double-amen! To all o' that. Big Fat Greek Love. Nia Vardalos is so entirely charming.

What a shocking notion unflawed devotion is, and how bleak a commentary that is on us.

I was looking at my dog yesterday, thinking: I feel joy every time I see this being experience joy. I trust him implicitly, cherish his well-being, share everything I have with him without miserliness, laugh daily with him. Occasionally, he irritates me momentarily, and by the end of the day, I apologize to him for being irritated, knowing full well my irritation or impatience reflects my own failing, not his.

Wouldn't it be a groovy thing to love a two-footed person so well?


I think people born without skins (see Theriomorph's blog... do love people that way, and because they don't have skins they get hurt, and eventually scar tissue takes the place of skin.

Romance stories can be terrible lies and refuges of denial, but I like them because despite the everyday truth of romantic hurt, the mythological truth of sacrificial love still means a lot to me.

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