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Dances With Minivans

I love this quiz! I linked back to your site about it.


I tried to go to sleep early, but it didn't stick, so discovered I'm Athena.

Funny, I've heard that before. I even have a Great Horned Owl who lives in an abandoned playhouse on this land who seems to think so, and a favorite postcard picked up in Greece on my office wall: Athena sitting in her room overlooking the Parthenon surrounded by a litter of books and a tray of oranges, reading of course, and wearing the ubiquitous Greek house-slippers you can pick up at any Saturday agora...

Last time I did one of these, I was Hamlet. I like these results better, but love this:

"You are an Ordinary Human Being, totally unlike the gods! Rejoice and be glad." The second would read, "You have Godlike Qualities. You will probably come to a bad end. Sorry."

So funny.


Dr. F is cool


You have the best web site.


Dr. F is the best latin teacher

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