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Dances With Minivans

What an interesting comparison. Bible vs.'re right. I might dissapointed with Sweeney's decision to become an atheist, but at least she's seriously questioning and thinking!


I came across your site researching for a lesson I'm going to teach to my Mom's sunday school class on the Bible and mythological influences. Thought your article was interesting. Cool site.


Tiffany, Wish I could sit in on the class. Your topic is one of my favorites. Write back if you have any questions.


I think it is interesting that people sometimes forget to look at the context into which Christianity was born. Christianity sprung from the Graeco-Roman religious tradition and should not be look at as mutually exclusive, but rather a continuation and, in some ways, an improvement on traditional Greek theology. People should read the Iliad in the same way as they read the Bible: what does it mean to be who we are? This does not necessarily pertain to a culture, but to who we are as people. Thus, Graeco-Roman religion and Christianity accomplish the same thing for those who believe in their respective doctrines.

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