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The hopeful Classicist in me cringes. About that review you linked to: Only the first episode of Rome has come out so far, so isn't it likely that familiar characters like Pompey and Brutus have been played up to garner return viewers until the central plot gets rolling? HBO, however trustworthy they are, says their intention is to focus on their two fictional soldiers. Anyone who clicks through to the review should also know that the British accents are unduly criticized, and can be largely attributed to the actors' Scottish, British, and Italian nationalities.
All this is not to discredit the review in its entirety, since I don't get HBO in my humble dorm-abode: the ancient world may still "bite the dust again," but we should have integrity about our criticisms and give it a few more episodes.
Have you been able to see the first episode yet, magister?


Emendation: "classicist" should not be capitalized in my previous comment; I did not mean to over-emphasize by capitalizing.


I have deleted the sentence "The ancient world bites the dust again."

Dances With Minivans

Sorry about the "curse of the tag"!!


It was fun. Now, do I get out of the 9 years of bad luck?

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