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Dances With Minivans

Great post! I noticed the same thing (black workers selling water, peanuts, etc. outside the stadium to white patrons) when we went to the Braves game last week.
On another note, my son is now studying Greek mythology at school. (BTW, He really enjoyed the first chapter of your book) He had to come up with his own Greek God, so he devised the story of "Rathic" (as in the word "wrath") Rathic was the 13th titan who had to sit out the battle between the titans and the gods because he was so weak. When his family was defeated he swore to get revenge and proceeded to do some titanic bodybuilding, bulked up, and then disguised himself as the god Benevolo. Benevolo/Rathic befriended Zeus and then betrayed him. The upshot of this was that Rathic was able to free his family from the hole in the earth where they were imprisoned and threw the gods in instead. That is, all the gods but Hades who eventually found the other gods in the pit and freed them secretly. Zeus knew that the gods couldn't reclaim Olympus with Rathic at the head of the titans, so he used the titan's own violent nature against them, pitting them in battles against each other so that eventually they all defeated themselves as a result of their pride and jealousy, leaving only Rathic who Zeus was able to defeat when the other Titans were gone.
I thought it was a pretty complex and interesting story. I'm not sure how well it jibes with actual Greek mythology, but he certainly enjoyed writing it!

PS: You've been tagged. Go look at my website to see what you need to do.


S, Thanks for the tag-- I think!

Add SBC Park in San Francisco to the list.

It's great to hear about your son's adventures with Greek Mythology. Please give his teacher the opportunity to read the chapter as well. From the thoughtfulness of your son's story, it's clear the teacher has provided him with some excellent material for his imagination.

I'd like to write a bit more in a post about the battles between the gods and the final settling of Zeus into position at the top. Your son's story meshes right with that story tradition.


Bruce Jacobs, author of Race Manners, makes a good point in an email to me:

"Looks like there's a lot going on with the two of them. I think you're right about social pressures, but it also looks as if the two of them have history around race in their relationship. Also looks as if Bradley is angry in general. Sounds like a potent mix of context and personality."

What, egos in baseball? Now I've heard everything.

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