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Todd Granger

David, thanks for taking this one on - and in your own self-effacing, humorous and deeply-thought way, as I knew that you would.

Interesting to find "Dianysis" as the spelling in the video itself (which would take far too long to load on my dial-up connection at home), given that Dionysus was the first deity to pop into my head when I pronounced the name (spelled at that particular online news site as "Dianisis") aloud.

Regarding Isis, I'm certainly not well-versed enough in Egyptian mythology to make much intelligent comment, save to reflect - if indeed Isis be part of the mélange that is the "superhero's" name - on the irony of the video's association of contraception and abortion rights with a mother goddess frequently depicted iconographically with her child, Horus, upon her lap.

I will save myself and you any flaming by reserving any further ironic comments to the inside of my head.

Rachele Kanigel

Cool blog, Frau.

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