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Dances With Minivans

Don't you think that Jacob, from the Old Testament, is cast in the same "trickster" mold? He tricks Esau out of his birthright but then is out-tricked himself by his Uncle Laban when Leah is switched for Rachel. It's interesting that in the long run Jacob is really rewarded by God rather than punished.
I hope this isn't a silly conclusion ~ I'm not familiar with the stories of Sisyphus or the Monkey King, but I plan on reading them.


Then there's the parable of the unjust steward in the New Testament, always a little weird-feeling to me. The overseer of a landlord's estates is about to be fired by his boss-- and in order to give himself a softer landing, he does a little shady accounting in favor of his master's debtors. And Jesus seems to approve of this kind of trick!

I think brains are appreciated wherever they turn up. And that's nice, because I was never very good at arm wrestling.

Angel Alia

I have always thought of stories being fun and a great way to teach kids a lesson or value...It also makes the imagination go wild...:)

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