Week 26 results: Borschland Hockey League
Week 28 results: Borschland Hockey League

Week 27 results: Borschland Hockey League

Rjaward.logoRjaward won the first leg of the season-ending battle with Tarlunz, claiming a share of first place. Week 29 may be decisive for both teams, as Rjaward travels to the Steel City for a rematch.

Meanwhile, Meechen is making a huge charge and is only one point behind the leaders.

3 Rjaward v. Tarlunz 2: Rjaward did what it needed to do, winning at home in a tough game where Tarlunz was hoping to preserve a tie late in the third period. With 5:50 left to go in regulation, Rjaward were pressing August Hoock’s goal with the Steel Men skaters camped out in front the cage. They had already blocked 17 shots on the game. Then defenseman Antonius Mujrefeld threw a puck in on net from the right point which might have gone off of two Tarlunz players before it hit Christian Zeeberg’s stick and deflected by Hoock. “It happens,” said Hoock afterwards. “We’re disappointed,” said Tarlunz coach Ampte Geert. “We’re elated,” said Rjaward coach Norbert Grimm. Rjaward ended with 35 shots on goal compared to only 23 for Tarlunz. They are now tied at the top of the table with the Steel Men at 52 points.

Meechen_lion_mod0 Sichebach v. Meechen 3: It’s safe to say Meechen coach Theedy Klanginen has gone to the whip in the home stretch of the season. Since an ugly loss to Wrischer in Week 21, the Proud Lions have gone 5-0-1 (+9 goal differential, 0.83 GAA average) and re-inserted themselves into the championship conversation. Welneth Ungarth’s return from injury has made all the difference, as has a friendly schedule, as three of Meechen’s victims have been from the bottom quarter of the table.

3 Onatten v. Holtzlund 3: The Axe Men traveled to the City of the Whales and faltered, as the Longshoremen’s veterans rallied and built up a 3-1 lead through two periods that they ended up not being able to sustain. Tyger Oostende and Kaameron Luudjeron were the goal-scoring heroes who salvaged a point from this contest. Holtzlund’s championship hopes are fading, but no one can take away the Flowering Branch Cup from them. Celebrations continue to be held in Erichels, Dafna, and the Upper Borschland River valley. Goalie Gareth Velnath continues on at Noi-Sporting-West as Schmidt Max is being given the reins for the rest of the season at Holtzlund. “Schmiddy is our number one,” said Lumberjack coach Dirk Eechen. “He’s had a tough campaign and he’s been a hard worker for us, so he deserves it.”

5 Sajbell v. Meenesanne 2: Sajbell opened a 5-0 lead through two periods and cruised through the final one. Man Grizzlyfaith had three assists in this game and said that is what he is happy to do. “To me, putting a puck on someone’s blade is as satisfying as putting it in the net,” he said through a translator. 17-year old phenom Antonius Udelhooven was held out of the game as a precaution because of concussion symptoms.

3 Lojren v. Wrischer 2: Lojren salvaged a game at home versus the rudderless Bargemen, whose coach Jonathan Hojberger was sacked in the wake of their Week 26 loss to Sajbell. Hojberger was a relatively young coach who had spent time outside the country as the son of Borschic diplomatic service parents, including in Australia, and he was hailed as an innovator, someone who could motivate Wrischer’s “whiz kid” lineup to excel. But after the embarrassing loss to Sajbell and Hojberger’s overall 10-11-6 record this year and 9-15-6 last, management appears to have given up on him. Wrischer's managing partner Frujdrick Koopenwick commented, "We feel that Jonathan's time here at the hockey club is over. He has done what he can to help us, and now we need to bring in someone with fresh ideas."

3 Te Staff v. Bjaward 1: Te Staff got a good win at home, giving them a respectable 44 points overall and a fine 8-2-2 record in the second half. Bernt Gruun and Conraad Gleeph got goals for the Citymen’s first line. Bjaward continues to sputter and it looks more and more like a middle of the table finish for the usually contending Bulls this year.

2 Matexipar v. Atterische 0: Matexipar goaltender Jan "The Brick" Brichterglad was supposed to be competing head-to-head with Meechen's Welneth Ungarth and Bevinlunz's Heiko Moordfors here at the end of the season for the Nurnar Trophy, the only Borschic trophy named for a foreign player. Mendar Nurnar was the best goaltender ever to play in the Borschland Hockey League and he burnished the sterling reputation of Zimrothian netminders in Borschland. Instead, he has now collected only his 2nd winning shutout in a lost season for Matexipar and even though his 2.04 GAA is respectable for the BHL, he will not be the Nurnar Trophy winner this year.

Bevinlunz and Dohmatische had off-weeks, having already played each other twice and deciding mutually not to play a friendly.


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