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Week 18 results: Borschland Hockey League

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Some eye-opening results in the BHL this week ahead of the quarterfinals of the Flowering Branch Cup! Meechen and Bevinlunz are down while Rjaward and Tarlunz are up.

And Sajbell has a new bear on its squad.

1 Bevinlunz v. Tarlunz 3: Tarlunz is getting stronger by the week and this game is a great example of that. Behind 2-1 with 3:17 left, Bevinlunz coach Florian “The Cleaver” Klavujr took a play out of Tarlunz coach Ampte Geert’s playbook and briefly pulled goalie Heiko Moordfors when Bevinlunz got a face off in Tarlunz’s zone. They had centerman Severin Handschin on the draw, who wins 65% of his faceoffs, and Roger Wijkenschaud, who is usually quite a deadly shot, as the sixth attacker. They desperately had to make something happen, having scored a total of 3 goals in their last 177 minutes of hockey. Geerte countered with Habel Baarda outside his regular shift to take the draw with Handschin. Baarda won the puck and made an outlet pass to Gerd Hijs-ter Hijde (brother of Joost), who found Tor Smeets, who delivered the puck into Bevinlunz’s mailbox. “The boys were alert,” said Geert after the game.

3 Matexipar v. Sajbell 3: The Sea Gods achieved an excellent result away from home against the Iron Sticks, who have gone 12-0-2 against them at home in the last 14 years. New Stormer Man Grizzlyfaith had an assist as the right wing for the second line, and generally looked at home in his new jersey. Matexipar fans grumbled after the game that “That grizzly isn’t going to amount to much. He could be a goalie or a defender, but that [Michael] Angelbear [of Bearland] who scored all those goals at the Nations’ Cup is turning people’s heads about Bearish forwards.” Grizzlyfaith himself, who is proving to be quite the philosopher, said, “You’ve heard the stories of dancing bears. Ice hockey is not that much different from that.”

3 Sichebach v. Rjaward 6: The Cattle Drivers dismantled the Fox Hunters on their own ice, scoring 5 goals in the second period, their most since 321. Rjaward is now threatening the all-time goal-scoring mark set by Te Staff in 329 during Sherm Reinhardt’s first season with the team. At that point in the year the Citymen had scored 71 goals while Rjaward has scored 64, but keep in mind that Te Staff lost Reinhardt for several games in the second half and it ended the year with 119, a 3.97 goals per game average. Rjaward is at the moment at 3.56, not that far off.

3 Dohmatische v. Holtzlund 2: The Swamp Hawks are feeling their oats at the moment. They are in the quarterfinals of the Flowering Branch Cup and they took advantage of goaltender Gareth Velnath’s mistakes to score 3 precious goals and hold the prolific Axe Men to two. The Hawks' Rokus Krenkl made 40 saves as the Timberlanders took it to Dohmatische in the third period with 19 shots in the last 20 minutes. Only one of those shots, ironically from defender Steen Dunkel, went in, and Holtzlund came up short. Holtzlund Coach Dirk Eechen said that Schmidt Max was ready to return to goal and would start the next game against Lojren.

3 Wrischer v. Bjaward 3: Wrischer’s season is in tatters, especially after their optimistic 4-1-1 start that was so reminiscent of their 333 championship run, but in this game at least they came back from a 3-0 deficit to a tie a pretty good team, getting goals from Silvius Silvulus (coming out of a terrible goal-scoring drought with two goals in his last three games), Korin Kugellicht, and defenseman Boris Vorhees--coincidentally, the very same players who scored in the tie with Onatten in Week 17. Bjaward's Alex Meessenhammer scored his 11th goal of the season.

2 Atterische v. Meechen 1: The Peat Men’s best game of the year featured a brilliant performance in goal by Wujbe Minter, who withstood 37 of 38 Meechen efforts. Atterische got goals from third liner Quentin van Vleet and second liner Jaan-Mischeel Savujers, the last at 1:00 of the last period that sent the Diggers’ fans home happy.

0 Onatten v. Te Staff 4: Te Staff’s resurgence continues with a resounding win over the bereft Longshoremen, who have not been this low in the standings since the year 327. Sherm Reinhardt and Chrujstoff Anselm combined for 2 goals and 2 assists, Anselm with the goals and Sherm with the assists. Cityman goalie Korka only had to turn back 21 Onatten shots as they continue to struggle to find some kind of identity on the ice.

3 Lojren v. Meenesanne 1: Te Lughaus continued its solid play at home, while Meenesanne continued to struggle in every aspect of their game. Erick van Meetelin had a goal for Lojren, his ninth of the season, while netminder Fredduj Frujdennackt had a solid game, stopping 24 of 25 shots.


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