Flowering Branch Cup Quarterfinals set: Meechen eliminated
Week 18 results: Borschland Hockey League

Flowering Branch Cup 336 Quarterfinals: Matchups and Predictions!

Sakura-4890030_1920It's starting to look a lot like the FB Cup! Down to the wire with the last eight teams in the pool!

Tarlunz v. Dohmatische: This might be Tarlunz’s toughest matchup next to Rjaward. Despite Dohmatische’s ugly 5-9-3 regular season record, they have just finished off Meechen and previously took care of Bevinlunz, so there is no fear of top of the table squads with the tough Swamp Hawks. In the regular season, Dohmatische was able to stymie Habel Baarda and the rest of the Tarlunz offense with a 1-0 victory at home. Dohmatische has just squeaked by in the Cup with a 1-0-3 record and only a +1 goal differential, but they seem to have Tarlunz’s number. Upset: Dohmatische, 100 schillings. Prediction: Tarlunz will need to work hard to get to the semi-finals.

Rjaward v. Alma: Now Alma gets a shot at proving it can play with the really big boys. Sichebach was its first top league victim, an accomplishment but not a huge shocker. Rjaward, at 10-2-5 and having scored almost 4 goals a game, will be an enormous peak to scale for the Mountain Climbers. Upset: Alma, 600. Prediction: Rjaward must have a bad game twice in a row to lose. And even then they could pull it out.

Sajbell v. Holtzlund: Holtzlund get something of a breather in this round as Sajbell vanquished lower-division foes to get as far as the quarterfinals this year. The only x-factor might be goaltending, as Zimrothian Gareth Velnath has not had a shining second half and regular goalie Schmidt Max is approaching being ready to come back. Sajbell normally does not outscore its opponents, and Holtzlund’s offense has been potent, however, so an upset here would be extremely surprising. Upset: Sajbell, 500. Prediction: All Holtzlund.

Ellafuus v. Atterische: On paper, this matchup should go to Atterische, but Ellafuus has brought the magic against two pretty good top-league opponents (Matexipar and Wrischer) already in this year’s Cup. Atterische has only faced Lojren in the Cup, barely getting by te Lughaus, and their regular-season record of 6-6-5 is hardly intimidating. Upset: Ellafuus, 400. Prediction: Ellafuus is rightly a 400 schilling underdog as a second division team, but this will be their easiest top-league opponent yet.


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