BHL: Week 6 Results
Week 7 of the Borschland Hockey League

Round 2 of Flowering Branch Cup: Matchups and Predictions

The matchups below are ranked with the biggest possible upsets first down to the most even matchups. The number after the prediction is the amount (in schillings) you'll win if the series ends with an upset.

(BTW a premium season ticket to a top-league team costs 50-75 schillings and gets you into at least 16 home games plus international friendlies)

  1. Alma v. Eschmass: This will be a very tough matchup for Eschmass and their 17-year old Lojren recruit, Bernt Sneecklachen. Alma is a top-flight second-division team with a long tradition and proud fans. Prediction: Alma easily. 1000

  2. UB - Tujrspaarck v. Wootenmaas: The Tujrspaarckers should not have much trouble with the Apple Pickers. Prediction: UB - Tujrspaarck will be celebrating in the university beer garden in a few weeks' time. 700

  3. Oststaff v. King-Frujdrick-Noikapeel: Oststaff is the second division affiliate of Te Staff and is loaded with excellent Navy cadets. K-F-N doesn't stand much of a chance, but you never know. Prediction: Does Oststaff win by more than a single-digit goal differential? 600

  4. Ellafuus v. Pohlmatische: Ellafuus is one of a trio of second-division teams located in the coastal plain near Sajbell, all of whom could compete in the top league in certain years. Pohlmatische had an easy time of it in Round One. This will be much harder. Prediction: Ellafuus, unless Pohlmatische brings magic. 500

  5. Benjaminburg v. Hijst: Benjaminburg is not the most amazing hockey team ever to inhabit the second division, but they should have enough to dispatch Open-division small-towners Hijst. If Hijst can win at home on the first leg (the lower division club always is at home on the first leg), they might have a chance. Prediction: Benjaminburg got an easy draw. 450

  6. Gottwrischer v. Dafna: Dafna is a pretty good second-division team that usually beats Gottwrischer, who have been on the skids for years. Prediction: Dafna easily, but Gottwrischer is not the longest of longshots. 400

  7. Linblad v. St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff: S-N-M gets the nod in this tilt. They are the development team for Meechen and also have a number of students from the St.-Nicholaas-Instituut, a branch of the University of Borschland, so should beat the country lads from Linblad. Prediction: S-N-W comfortably. 350

  8. Kanaal v. Limpael: Kanaal lost their place in the second division because of the split of Rachenz-Lassefball into two teams and some contract violations on the part of the Kanaal management, but their relationship with Matexipar is still intact and they have a great set of recruits. Prediction: Limpael is the actual underdog in this one, having gone 1-4-1 in their first 6 games in the second division. 300

  9. Noi-Sporting-West v. Tisbe: Tisbe is traditionally a pretty good second-division team, but this year they are down and that could be good news for N-S-W's Winter Kings and their 20-year old phenom forward, Dujter Gelterkint. 250

  10. Eahnstaff v. Armaruj: Second-division Armaruj has the slight nod over the game Ferrymen of Eahnstaff. Armaruj has not started off the year with the best of records (1-1-4) but they should be good enough to dispatch their open-division opponents. Prediction: Armaruj, unless they lose their focus away from home. 250

  11. Gull-Overboom v. UB - St. Elisabeth: UB-St. Elisabeth tends toward the bottom of the second division table and with Gull-Overboom coming in with great momentum, this could well be an upset. Prediction: UB-St. Elisabeth is favored, but they had better be studying their opponents, not for exams. 200

  12. Lassefball v. Verbrodering-Hammerspujl: The Hammers had an solid first round and Lassefball is vulnerable, as their 0-5-1 record so far indicates. Prediction: V-H could make their way out of this challenge, but Lassefball have a slight advantage. 150

  13. St. Borsch v. Rachenz : Two middling second-division teams have another crack at each other in the Cup format. St. Borsch began the season with a 4-0 waxing of Rachenz, but Rachenz has since gone 2-1-2, including a tie with Ellafuus on their ice. Prediction: St.-Borsch may win, but a shootout is not out of the question. 100

  14. Bijfhaf v. Lisandra: Two heavyweights of the second division go at it in this one and it's a pity, because both could compete against some top league teams. Lisandra is the favorite in this one as Bijfhaf is having a down season, but it is pretty evenly matched. Prediction: Lisandra by a goal or two. 50

  15. Krosstop v. Veefgoodergild: On paper, Krosstop have this one under control, but there is no telling where the puck will end up with two Open-division teams vying for a chance to get into the third round and face a first-division team. All Open division teams that visit a top league rink are guaranteed one-half of the adjusted gate, which for some games could mean as many as 5,000 schillings. Many Open division teams run their entire operation for less. Prediction: Near even, Krosstop with a slight edge. 50

  16. Itasca v. Retter: Two competent Open Division clubs face off after dispatching their first-round opponents with solid defense. Prediction: This is anyone's series. Even

Bonus: Second division standings (for research purposes)

three points for a win, one for a tie.

                                        W    L    T    P

Alma                                5    1     0  15

Dafna                               4    0     2  14

Lisandra                          3    0    3   12

Oststaff                            3    1    2   11

UB - Tujrspaarck            3    1    2   11

St. Borsch                        3    3    0    9

Bijfhaf                             2    2    2    8

Ellafuus                           2    2    2    8

Rachenz                          2     2    2    8

Armaruj                           1     1    4   7    

Tisbe                                 2    4    0    6

UB - St. Elisabeth          2    4   0    6   

Gottwrischer                   1    2    3    6

Benjaminburg                1    3    2    5

Limpael                            1    4    1    4

Lassefball                        0    5    1     1


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