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Predictions for Round Three of the Flowering Branch Cup 336 NR!

Bank-note-1276954_1920Place your bets for Round 3 of the Flowering Branch Cup! 

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Giveaway announcement: Now, anyone who gets to 500 schillings of winnings will be put in a drawing for a $20 gift from Teespring, with which, if you want, you can buy a HockeyNC t-shirt.

  • I'm still wondering if I should make a BHL Black Swan t-shirt. We'll see.
  • If you're the only one who gets to 500 schillings, you win!
  • If no one gets to 500 schillings, I'll pick from among anyone who's won anything.
  • One entry per round per person.
  • You've got this round, the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals to bet. So far, @mrfrauenfelder is in the lead with 250 schillings. No one else has picked an upset.

Good luck!

  1. Tarlunz v. Hijst: If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime upset, look no further. The smalltowners from the open plains near Bjaward beat second-division Benjaminburg in the second round and now play their first game ever against the Steelmen. Prediction: Tarlunz. Don’t throw away your money. This should pay off way more than a thousand schillings! Upset: Bet Hijst and win 1000 schillings.

  2. Wrischer v. Verbrodering-Hammerspujl: On paper, this is an easy call. Wrischer has great skaters if not the best defense, and they are playing an Open Division team with some Tarlunz prospects but without nearly the depth of their top-league opponents. The Blacksmiths look forward to a big payday for this matchup but do not expect to win. Prediction: Wrischer. Upset: V-H, 800.

  3. Matexipar v. Ellafuus: This one should be easy for Matexipar, but they have sputtered in the early going of the season at 3-3-4. Ellafuus downed Open Division opponent Pohlmatische easily in Round 2 and they are a respectable second-division side; still, Matexipar have Jaan "The Brick" Brichterglad walling off the net and a wild fan base. Prediction: Matexipar, unless something goofy happens. Upset: Ellafuus, 600.

  4. Krosstop v. Lojren: The other half of the feel-good story of the 336 Blossom Cup goes against a team that is trending up. Te Lughaus is now 4-4-2 and tough at home. Krosstop has a dream and little else. Prediction: Lojren, but watch for a low-scoring first game at home for Krosstop. Lojren has only scored 17 goals in its 10 games. A power outage might be fatal for them. Upset: Krosstop, 500.

  5. Rjaward v. St. Borsch: One of the easiest matchups to predict. Rjaward is top of the table this year and has a potent offense, while St. Borsch, though impressive in shrugging off disorganized Rachenz in Round 2, does not have the skaters to compete with the Cattle Drivers. Prediction: Rjaward. Upset: St.-Borsch, 450.

  6. Noj-Sporting-West v. Te Staff: An enticing tilt between a Te Staff team missing its first two centers and the surprising Winter Kings, who showed excellent discipline and grit in sending home second-division Tisbe. Can phenom Dujter Gelterkint put N-S-W on his back and make history? Prediction: Signs point to no. Te Staff has too much tradition and defenders Jeeluj Sudmaas and Gerrit “Castle” te Rook will make life difficult for Gelterkint. Upset: N-S-W, 400.

  7. Retter v. UB - Tujrspaarck: The Scholars of the University of Borschland survived round 2 and tiny Wootenmaas by the tiniest of margins. Retter is better than Wootenmaas and seasoned by defeating two abe opponents, Skujklub Jorkë and Itasca. This may be the place to put down your money, if you believe in lightning striking twice—just not in the same rink. Prediction: UB-Tujrspaarck doesn’t let lightning strike twice. Upset: Retter, 350.

  8. UB - St. Elisabeth v. Eahnstaff: Eahnstaff and Krosstop are the feel-good teams of this tournament, the “twin cities” on either side of the mouth of the Borschland River in extreme south-east Borschland. St.-Elisabeth has the enthusiasm of a university behind it and dispatched an Open Division team similar to Eahnstaff (the enthusiastic Gull-Overboom) in Round 2. Prediction: an Eahnstaff win would be surprising, but not out of the question. Upset: Eahnstaff, 300.

  9. Oststaff v. St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff: This is the type of series fans look for in the Flowering Branch Cup. The Christmas Saints are an Open Division team but they are filled with Meechen hopefuls, while the Cadets of Oststaff are the de facto reserve team of Te Staff. Oststaff is in a higher division but does not necessarily have more depth. The proxy war between Meechen and Te Staff should be full of cannon shots. Prediction: S-N-M surprises, and the payoff is attractive. Upset: S-N-M, 300.

  10. Kanaal v. Holtzlund: Kanaal is the best Open Division team that should not be in the Open Division. They have dispatched Schmendefergild and Limpael, not amazing opponents, in arriving at Round 3 and the Timbermen. Holtzlund has an issue with defense and goaltending, but they are solid goal-scorers, with 42 over 10 games. Prediction: Kanaal hasn’t seen this kind of firepower; Holtzlund will prevail. Upset: Kanaal, 250.
  11. Bijfhaf v. Sajbell: This is a danger matchup for Sajbell. Bijfhaf is running on high spirits after knocking off second-division frontrunner Lisandra, and there isn’t all that much that separates a high second-division team and a hapless top flight club. If you want to bet a little adventurously, go with Bijfhaf. Prediction: Bijfhaf has the momentum with them; Sajbell does not. Upset: Bijfhaf, 250.

  12. Meenesanne v. Atterische: Atterische has been teetering on ties for most of the year but only has one loss. Meenesanne is feeling the weight of a lost 40,000 investment on a Zimrothian goalie. But Meenesanne was impressive in tying Atterische 2-2 in Week 8. Prediction: Atterische should win, but don’t count Meenesanne out. Upset: Meenesanne, 200.

  13. Dohmatische v. Bevinlunz: This one is a bit tricky to handicap. Dohmatische has a hard-nosed defense but can’t score and Bevinlunz has Heiko Moordfors, the all-Continent goaltender. Unfortunately for Bevinlunz, they haven’t been able to score lately either: 8 goals in their last 5 games, going 1-1-3 against not-so-stellar competition. This one could end up a 1-0 aggregate score for either team. Prediction: Bevinlunz’s superior depth gets them through. Upset: Dohmatische, 150.

  14. Dafna v. Sichebach: A very interesting matchup here pits confident Dafna in the second division versus bottom-dwelling Sichebach in the top league. Dafna had a brief scare versus Gottwrischer in the second round, but shut them out in the second game to win aggregate 6-3. Sichebach has a lot of pride and is not going to win the championship, so this is their last stand. Prediction: Sichebach will salvage a series win against a game but ultimately overmatched second-division team. Upset: Dafna, 100.

  15. Alma v. Onatten: Another tough first-second matchup where a series win for the top league team will be no picnic. Onatten has scored 14 goals and has a -16 goal differential; Alma just put a hurting on Open Division also-ran Eschmass. For an upset, this is as close to a sure thing as you can get, which is why the payoff is low. Prediction: Alma moves on to the round of 16. Upset: Alma, 100.

  16. Meechen v. Bjaward: This matchup is unfortunate for both teams, as they will be slugging it out in an early round instead of tuning up with a lower division opponent. Meechen is riding high at 7-1-2 and dispatched Bjaward in Week 8, 2-1, but Bjaward has plenty of weapons and is game for the fight. Prediction: Meechen by a hair, but it’s really anyone’s series. Upset: even.


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