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Breaking News: Velnath joins Holtzlund, adds chaperone

Erichels, Borschland, Nachtober 24:

After Holtzlund’s dramatic win over Wrischer and the injury to their regular goaltender, Schmidt Max, Holtzlund has announced the acquisition of the contract of 19-year old Zimrothian goaltender Gareth Velnath from Meenesanne for the services of Noj-Sporting-West goaltender Karl Ruust, whose contract Holtzlund purchased for a sum of 8,000 schillings.

Ruust now joins Meenesanne as backup to regular goaltender Erick Ritsche, with a view to making him the number one goalie in time.

Holtzlund intend to put Velnath behind Bram Phauxhall while they wait for Max to heal, but they have no doubts Velnath can be their number one for years to come. "Gareth was highly sought after," said Holtzlund coach Dirk Eechen. "He's possibly the best goalie to come out of Zimroth in a decade or more. We believe in him and we expect him to do great things for us."

Zimrothian officials made clear that Velnath is returning on the condition he be allowed to play hockey rather than endure hazing. A Mr. Hartigath has been enlisted as a "treatment supervisor" and will shadow Velnath while he is with the team.

Meenesanne’s investment of 40,000 schillings for Velnath now has turned into the form of Karl Ruust, but they must console themselves that Ruust has high potential, having shut out second-division Tisbe in the most recent leg of the Flowering Branch Cup.

“We set our sights on Ruust because he is a blue-chip first-string prospect, whereas Phauxhall is more of a relief goalie in potential,” said Meenesanne’s general partner and president Mattheus Drachtenfeel. “Ruust will be an able apprentice to (Erick) Ritsche and we hope for more from him in the weeks and months to come.”

It appears that Meenesanne had burned its bridges with Velnath and his Zimrothian handlers, necessitating the transfer to another Borschic club. Acquiring Ruust means they were not left holding the bag while Velnath stayed permanently in Zimroth.

Ruust’s departure leaves Noj-Sporting-West without its goaltender that stopped 30 shots in shutting out Tisbe's Swift Arrows. “We will fight on,” said owner and coach Christoff Klijn. The 8,000 schillings were the most a Winter Kings team has ever received for a player and will allow them to purchase another goaltender to replace Ruust and have money left over for operations and improvements to their facility.

"We can freeze the ice now if we have a warm day," quipped Klijn. Borschland's rinks are all outdoors and some clubs rely on cold weather to make sure ice is cold enough to skate on, though league specifications indicate under-ice refrigeration systems are a requirement.

Noj-Sporting-West's rink, located in the foothills around the city of Dafna, is at an elevation of about 1500 meters and the average temperature in the winter is -3 degrees centigrade.

--From staff reports, Te Borscher Sportteelegraaf

Week 8 results: Borschland Hockey League

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There's a new sheriff in town. Rjaward is the first six-game winner in the BHL and has taken over first place in the standings by a single point over Bjaward, Rjaward, and Bevinlunz. Tarlunz and Holtzlund are not far behind.

4 Wrischer v. Holtzlund 5: Holtzlund goaltender Schmidt Max suffered a lower-body injury in this game at the start of the second period, which necessitated backup Bram Phauxhall to finish the game out against the potent Wrischer offense. Phauxhall gave up two quick goals to hand Wrischer a 4-2 lead, but the Axe Men roared back, scoring three unanswered goals to shock Wrischer on their own ice. The game-winner came from Holtzlund’s Dujtrick de Jong.

1 Matexipar v. Bevinlunz 1: The netminder duel between Jaan “The Brick” Brichterglad of Matexipar and Heiko Moordfors of Bevinlunz was all as advertised, as Moordfors turned back 33 shots from his former team and Brichterglad stopped 30. Afterwards a sweat-soaked Moordfors declined to address the work of his opposite, saying instead, “We are glad to come out of this game with a point.” Brichterglad, who is younger, vowed that the rematch in Bevinlunz would have a better outcome for Matexipar. “A couple of breaks go our way and we win this game. I think we showed them we are to be reckoned with. They are not going to run away with the championship.”

1 Tarlunz v. Lojren 0: A second straight shutout for Tarlunz! This one was presided over by August Hoock, who said no on 22 shots. Tarlunz’s Gerd Luppink scored the lone marker at 4:15 left in the second, and the final margin was probably kind to Lojren, as the Steelmen put 42 shots on goal overall. "Keep ponding," said Hoock after the game, making the "splash" hand signal that is become in vogue among Tarlunz fans now.

4 Rjaward v. Te Staff 3: Rjaward got back to its winning ways—by continuing its high scoring ways—and defending well enough to keep Te Staff playing catch-up throughout the game. Wob Ramsback, backup goaltender for Te Staff, played this game, spelling Loflin first-teamer Korka, and the result was unfavorable. Winger Koort Strijker had two goals in this one for first-star honors. Te Staff matched its worst start in the first eight games in 9 years.

2 Meenesanne v. Atterische 2: Atterische came away disappointed from this game, not able to take full advantage of Meenesanne’s early-season distractions. Instead, Erick Ritsche stood tall in goal, stopping 37 of 39 shots. Atterische only allowed 16 shots on goal, blocking 17, but a short-handed goal by Norbert Vlissengen tied the score in the second period and the teams could not find the net in the third.

2 Meechen v. Dohmatische 1: The puck bounced fortuitously for the Lions this evening as a 1-1 draw eluded Dohmatische in the last seconds. A scrum in front of the net on a penalty kill ended with the puck bouncing off of defensebear Valiant Black’s skate, underneath goaltender Rokus Krenkl’s right pad and into the net.

5 Bjaward v. Onatten 1: Bjaward took care of business at home with a trinity of goals scored by Tor Glenk and a single tally added by defenseman Joris Sudmaas, who also added two assists to take over the team lead. Veteran Jens te Fvrujs added the other for Bjaward.

4 Sajbell v. Sichebach 2: A game between two teams thirsty for any kind of good news ended with Sajbell pleasing their fans and Sichebach continuing on without a win on the season. The game was a 3-2 affair with Bram te Hammer’s goal early in the third breaking a tie that had held through two periods, but when Sichebach pulled goaltenders Nils Toornegeeg with 1:42 left, Sajbell quickly cashed in for the final margin.

First Leg of Round 2 of the Flowering Branch Cup!

Winter-3844156_1920There were plenty of surprises and lots of potential for upsets in this most entertaining second round of the 336 NR Flowering Branch Cup in the Borschland Hockey League.

Image: The city of Meechen after the first snowfall of the season. Image by dperkova from Pixabay

Open Division teams in line to move forward with a good result in the second leg include the following:

Only a high-scoring loss at home will stop them: Kanaal, Retter, St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff.

Only a high-scoring loss away from home will stop them: Eahnstaff, Verbrodering-Hammerspujl.

A win or high-scoring tie away from home will put them through: Wootenmaas, Noi-Sporting-West, King-Frujdrick-Nojkapeel, Hijst, Krosstop, Gull-Overboom.

But note well that the Open Division teams all started this leg at home and so they have a tough challenge on unfamiliar ice for the second leg!

4 Wootenmaas v. UB - Tujrspaarck 3: The tiny town of Wootenmaas lost its marbles as the clock struck zero on their unlikely win over the university boys of Staff Borsch. It will be a tall order to go into the city and tie or score more than 3 goals in a loss, but destiny seems to be flirting with the Foresters.

3 Noi-Sporting-West v. Tisbe 0: Celebration in Dafna as the Winter Kings set themselves up perfectly for a second-round upset of the Swift Arrows. Dujter Gelterkint was held scoreless and briefly left the game after being checked by burly defender Klaes “Boom Boom” Boomsmass, but he returned to assist on N-S-W’s third goal, a short-handed beauty by 38-year old Oskar Krijps.

2 King-Frujdrick-Noikapeel v. Oststaff 2: K-F-N played a conservative game and eked out a tie with a frustrated Oststaff team that took four penalties on K-F-N’s home ice. Afterwards, Commodore and coach Erick van Geesters praised his Cadets for playing a game they deserved to win and said they would be excused from morning calisthenics the next day, which was taken as a dig against the officials. “You can’t win a game that Stripes takes away from you,” said an Oststaff fan.

5 Verbrodering-Hammerspujl v. Lassefball 4: Tarlunz’s reserves took it to a Lassefball side trying to find its identity as a newly independent club. Lassefball’s 4 away goals may play a part in deciding who moves on here. First-star status went to center Wils Tchappelmark, a top Tarlunz recruit.

1 Hijst v. Benjaminburg 1: Little Hijst celebrated its first result other than a loss to a second-division club in 24 years, carrying netminder Jaan Nuuruj off the ice at the end as 984 in official attendance rejoiced. Afterwards, the town was treated to a traditional feast of grilled Borschic beef ribs slathered with a savory beetroot-and-whiskey sauce. Hijst moves to the central plain of the Borschland River to see if they can knock off the first foe in the second round in 22 years.

4 Gull-Overboom v. UB - St. Elisabeth 4: Gull-Overboom did not get exactly the result they wanted, but it was better than a loss, as a late tip-in helped their chances for an upset in Leg 2. “Go Gull Go” was heard throughout the town as a few fans took a traditional dip in the Great Ocean amidst freezing temperatures. The Engineers did raid Gull’s larder for 4 away goals, which will be tough to overcome in the heightened pressure of a 5,000 seat rink filled to overflowing with enthusiastic university students.

6 Kanaal v. Limpael 2: Kanaal burnished its credentials for re-entering the second division after its penalty phase for contract irregularities in 335. Even without Matexipar’s best prospects, who had to be sold off to other teams, Kanaal had plenty to best woeful Limpael.

4 St. Borsch v. Rachenz 2: The St. Borsch Saints handled the Adventurers at home, adding an empty-net goal at the end of the third. Wrischer prospect Raad Ejrmann scored 2 goals for the Saints. The 21-year old quipped afterwards, “The saints were with me—literally.”

0 Eschmass v. Alma 9: As advertised, this was a total slaughter on the home ice of the Skylark boys as the Mountain Climbers of Alma scored three goals per period and balanced their scoring among 7 players. Alma’s coach Pujtr Groosmann commented after the game, “We weren’t looking ahead to the next series. That’s a credit to the lads.”

1 Pohlmatische v. Ellafuus 6: Ellafuus halted the Pohlmatische goal train on its tracks behind the efficient goaltending of Vinasolan wunderkind Victorius Victorillus, who seems destined for a regular job in Sajbell or another top-league club one day.

2 Bijfhaf v. Lisandra 1: Bijfhaf clamped down on a depleted Lisandra side missing its two first-line forwards because of injury. Always boisterous, the 4,500 strong fans in the Loflinland capital chanted “Lose! Lose! Lose!” to its skaters in the traditional Loflin practice of saying the exact opposite of what they mean.

4 Krosstop v. Veefgoodergild 1: Perhaps Krosstop fans could hear the celebration from across the river as Eahnstaff was holding its own against Armaruj while their own team was showing its mettle against a game but unlucky Packers squad. The Scouts held a 2-1 lead late in the third period but opened it up with a short-handed goal and then an empty-net goal.

2 Linblad v. St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff 7: The lads from Linblad had loads of trouble versus a motivated and efficient S-N-M side. Meechen prospect Thomas Echstaal had a trinity in this game for the Christmas Saints.

3 Eahnstaff v. Armaruj 3: The Ferryman worked hard to earn this tie, coming from down 2 goals in the middle of the second period. 37-year old former standout for Matexipar Conraad Bartul had 2 goals, while another veteran of the top league, Luuk Kuhbauer, had 11 hits on defense.

1 Itasca v. Retter 2: As advertised, this was a tight one, but Retter came away with a victory on Itasca’s home ice and that will be tough to overcome for Itasca. Retter’s Coast Guard cadets limited Itasca to 19 shots on goal as captain and defenseman Laurens Pohlpert had 8 hits.

3 Gottwrischer v. Dafna 2: The embattled Archdeacons held serve at home versus formidable Dafna, setting up an epic second-round tilt. If Gottwrischer can tie Dafna—or score more than 2 goals in losing—at its raucous home ice under the shadow of the mountains, they will move on. Dafna may regret lost opportunities such as the three shots that rang metal on the Gottwrischer net but did not go in.

Breaking News: Velnath seen drinking in pub night before disastrous performance

Eyewitness reports from Meenesanne now claim that 19-year old Zimrothian goaltender Gareth Velnath was seen in a pub in Meenesanne the night before he gave up 7 goals on 11 shots.

Soon after this game, Velnath returned to Zimroth and Zimrothian spokesmen have repeatedly said he will not be coming back to Borschland.

One witness said the youth was offering glasses of Zjivanya, a Zimrothian liqueur, to anyone who wanted one. The pub reputedly was located near the Meenesanne rink and was called Te Waarp n te Woofv, a textile workers' favorite spot.

"They pay me so much more than I'm worth," one report quoted the young man as saying. "I've got money enough to treat this whole place five times over."

This would corroborate some fans in Meenesanne who believe that Velnath was spending his share of the 40,000 schilling transfer fee that was paid by Meenesanne for his services.

Another report contradicted this claim. They said Velnath was drowning his sorrows over a Borschic woman who had rejected his proposal of marriage.

"She is from Erichels," said the person who declined to be named. "She is a Holtzlund fan who was traveling to see her sister, who is married to a player on the Meechen Lions team."

Meechen played Meenesanne in Week 1, working them over in a 5-0 blowout.

"He met her before the game. She was in the stands. A beautiful lass, so he said," averred the eyewitness. "She would not entertain his suit because she was a Holtzlund fan."

Velnath was not used to being rejected, so said the source. He is from a noble family in Zimroth and extremely rich, according to Zimrothian journalists. This is another reason why he would not be gloating over the transfer fee, assuming he has seen any of it yet.

Rumor also has it that Meenesanne sought an exchange of contracts with Holtzlund, offering Velnath's services after his 7-goal debacle in exchange for young goaltender Bram Phauxhaal, but Holtzlund balked.

Will Velnath return to Borschland? If he does, will he be back with Meenesanne? No one knows where the puck will drop this time.

Week 7 of the Borschland Hockey League

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It just got tighter at the top: league leaders Bevinlunz and Rjaward both went down to defeat on opponents’ ice, while Wrischer, at home, improved to 5-1-1. Matexipar was frustrated, Te Staff relieved, and surprising Atterische still has only one loss. Traveling Meechen also got a valuable 3 points from a top team. Look out for Tarlunz, which have enormous momentum going into Week 8.

2 Lojren v. Bevinlunz 1: Lojren was turtling late in the third period, settling for a tie against a powerful team, when second-line winger Sander Glossamer broke out of his own end and swooped in on Bevinlunz’ netminder Heiko Moordfors. Moordfors stopped his initial shot, but Glossamer swept the rebound into the top right corner of the net. “So fast you almost couldn’t see it happen,” said a jubilant Kai Ganesmund after the game. Bevinlunz were already unhappy with their performance and will take a chip on their shoulder into the big matchup with Matexipar in Week 8. “We must atone for this,” said Moorfors, “and I will. Look for it.”

3 Atterische v. Sichebach 2: “You don’t always have to have a parade,” coach Paulus Angewejrt said after Atterische’s listless but successful performance against Sichebach. Espen van Rivujr, little-heralded third-line winger, had the game-winner with 1:32 left in the third. “Espen saved our hindquarters,” said captain and winger Markus Tooreent. “Good on him. We’ll raise a glass to him.”

9 Holtzlund v. Sajbell 3: Holtzlund humbled a team that has rarely been worse. The Axe Men’s 9-goal performance was the highest score for them in a regular season game since the memorable 10-1 win over Gottwrischer in 319, before Gottwrischer was placed in the second division. No trinities in this game but four players got two goals, including Zimrothian defender Ithak Lornak. Borschic defensemen typically score few goals because they take fewer shots than their North American counterparts; Lornak said through a translator he was “mostly trying to send the puck into the crease for the boys to clean up and two managed to slip in. That’s hockey.”

1 Matexipar v. Te Staff 1: Matex’s famously demanding fans were loud and accusatory after a game in which the Iron Sticks put 41 shots on goal but only one found the net. To be fair, Te Staff’s defense, led by captain Gerrit “Castle” te Rook, has been decent, giving up only 1.86 goals per game, and solid play has come from their first-team goaltender, who goes by the single name Korka and is the first Loflin to start in goal for the City. Matex will be a glowing furnace when they meet Bevinlunz next week and ready to forge a big win.

5 Meenesanne v. Dohmatische 2: Dohmatische’s half-Loflin coach Azofer Teekeetl said that the Swamp Hawks were “the best team in the league but without the best record.” One game after shutting out Te Staff with disciplined defense, Dohmatische again took needless penalties and Meenesanne went 3 out of 5 on power plays. Some on the Dohmatische side have argued that there are two many bears in the defense and that they do not skate fast enough to compete in Borschland’s top league, but Teekeetl said of the bears, “They are young. We will improve.” Meanwhile, Meenesanne’s embattled goaltender Erick Ritsche made 24 saves on the day as efforts were ongoing to fetch Zimrothian youngster Gareth Velnath back to the team.

6 Wrischer v. Rjaward 4: Wrischer exposed a weakness of Rjaward, defense, that had not been an issue up to that point because of its excellent offense. Wrischer’s first line again had a hand in this win, scoring 3 goals, while distributing the rest among the other lines. Center Beenz Grechtlin now has 7 goals on the season and is up with the leaders, but he declined to take credit, saying “the boys get me the puck and it finds its way into the net.” Rjaward's Gerd Zijterwoode scored a goal to bring his season total to 5.

0 Onatten v. Tarlunz 3: Onatten was shut out at home for the first time in four years. Thank Tarlunz netminder Maxime ter Aarte, who is now splitting netminding duties with August Hoock. Hoock was plucked from second-division Limpael this year for a transfer fee of 1,000 schillings, which is looking like a bargain at this point. Habel Baarda had an assist but no goals as Onatten struggled at home to mount any kind of attack.

1 Bjaward v. Meechen 2: In a classic defensive struggle, the Roaring Lions clamped down on the Bulls of Bjaward, weathering a furious final flurry of shots in the third period. Meechen’s venerable defenseman Barteel van Abeele blocked 11 shots, 4 in the last :47, to emerge as first star of the game.

Round 2 of Flowering Branch Cup: Matchups and Predictions

The matchups below are ranked with the biggest possible upsets first down to the most even matchups. The number after the prediction is the amount (in schillings) you'll win if the series ends with an upset.

(BTW a premium season ticket to a top-league team costs 50-75 schillings and gets you into at least 16 home games plus international friendlies)

  1. Alma v. Eschmass: This will be a very tough matchup for Eschmass and their 17-year old Lojren recruit, Bernt Sneecklachen. Alma is a top-flight second-division team with a long tradition and proud fans. Prediction: Alma easily. 1000

  2. UB - Tujrspaarck v. Wootenmaas: The Tujrspaarckers should not have much trouble with the Apple Pickers. Prediction: UB - Tujrspaarck will be celebrating in the university beer garden in a few weeks' time. 700

  3. Oststaff v. King-Frujdrick-Noikapeel: Oststaff is the second division affiliate of Te Staff and is loaded with excellent Navy cadets. K-F-N doesn't stand much of a chance, but you never know. Prediction: Does Oststaff win by more than a single-digit goal differential? 600

  4. Ellafuus v. Pohlmatische: Ellafuus is one of a trio of second-division teams located in the coastal plain near Sajbell, all of whom could compete in the top league in certain years. Pohlmatische had an easy time of it in Round One. This will be much harder. Prediction: Ellafuus, unless Pohlmatische brings magic. 500

  5. Benjaminburg v. Hijst: Benjaminburg is not the most amazing hockey team ever to inhabit the second division, but they should have enough to dispatch Open-division small-towners Hijst. If Hijst can win at home on the first leg (the lower division club always is at home on the first leg), they might have a chance. Prediction: Benjaminburg got an easy draw. 450

  6. Gottwrischer v. Dafna: Dafna is a pretty good second-division team that usually beats Gottwrischer, who have been on the skids for years. Prediction: Dafna easily, but Gottwrischer is not the longest of longshots. 400

  7. Linblad v. St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff: S-N-M gets the nod in this tilt. They are the development team for Meechen and also have a number of students from the St.-Nicholaas-Instituut, a branch of the University of Borschland, so should beat the country lads from Linblad. Prediction: S-N-W comfortably. 350

  8. Kanaal v. Limpael: Kanaal lost their place in the second division because of the split of Rachenz-Lassefball into two teams and some contract violations on the part of the Kanaal management, but their relationship with Matexipar is still intact and they have a great set of recruits. Prediction: Limpael is the actual underdog in this one, having gone 1-4-1 in their first 6 games in the second division. 300

  9. Noi-Sporting-West v. Tisbe: Tisbe is traditionally a pretty good second-division team, but this year they are down and that could be good news for N-S-W's Winter Kings and their 20-year old phenom forward, Dujter Gelterkint. 250

  10. Eahnstaff v. Armaruj: Second-division Armaruj has the slight nod over the game Ferrymen of Eahnstaff. Armaruj has not started off the year with the best of records (1-1-4) but they should be good enough to dispatch their open-division opponents. Prediction: Armaruj, unless they lose their focus away from home. 250

  11. Gull-Overboom v. UB - St. Elisabeth: UB-St. Elisabeth tends toward the bottom of the second division table and with Gull-Overboom coming in with great momentum, this could well be an upset. Prediction: UB-St. Elisabeth is favored, but they had better be studying their opponents, not for exams. 200

  12. Lassefball v. Verbrodering-Hammerspujl: The Hammers had an solid first round and Lassefball is vulnerable, as their 0-5-1 record so far indicates. Prediction: V-H could make their way out of this challenge, but Lassefball have a slight advantage. 150

  13. St. Borsch v. Rachenz : Two middling second-division teams have another crack at each other in the Cup format. St. Borsch began the season with a 4-0 waxing of Rachenz, but Rachenz has since gone 2-1-2, including a tie with Ellafuus on their ice. Prediction: St.-Borsch may win, but a shootout is not out of the question. 100

  14. Bijfhaf v. Lisandra: Two heavyweights of the second division go at it in this one and it's a pity, because both could compete against some top league teams. Lisandra is the favorite in this one as Bijfhaf is having a down season, but it is pretty evenly matched. Prediction: Lisandra by a goal or two. 50

  15. Krosstop v. Veefgoodergild: On paper, Krosstop have this one under control, but there is no telling where the puck will end up with two Open-division teams vying for a chance to get into the third round and face a first-division team. All Open division teams that visit a top league rink are guaranteed one-half of the adjusted gate, which for some games could mean as many as 5,000 schillings. Many Open division teams run their entire operation for less. Prediction: Near even, Krosstop with a slight edge. 50

  16. Itasca v. Retter: Two competent Open Division clubs face off after dispatching their first-round opponents with solid defense. Prediction: This is anyone's series. Even

Bonus: Second division standings (for research purposes)

three points for a win, one for a tie.

                                        W    L    T    P

Alma                                5    1     0  15

Dafna                               4    0     2  14

Lisandra                          3    0    3   12

Oststaff                            3    1    2   11

UB - Tujrspaarck            3    1    2   11

St. Borsch                        3    3    0    9

Bijfhaf                             2    2    2    8

Ellafuus                           2    2    2    8

Rachenz                          2     2    2    8

Armaruj                           1     1    4   7    

Tisbe                                 2    4    0    6

UB - St. Elisabeth          2    4   0    6   

Gottwrischer                   1    2    3    6

Benjaminburg                1    3    2    5

Limpael                            1    4    1    4

Lassefball                        0    5    1     1

BHL: Week 6 Results

Ice-hockey-4381263_1920With the league buzzing about the departure of 19-year old Zimrothian netminder Gareth Velnath, several teams stepped up to show they're in contention for the crown. Controversy is brewing between Bevinlunz and Matexipar, who clearly see themselves as the cream of the league now that Te Staff has fallen on hard times. But Wrischer, Bjaward, Rjaward, Meechen, Tarlunz, and even Holtzlund and Atterische will have some things to say about that before the end of it all.

Image: Meechen's netminder Jens Glaadwell goes against Lojren in their third sweaters. Image by Sissi Pannach from Pixabay

Updated standings in the sidebar to the right! -------> 

1 Sichebach v. Matexipar 4: The Iron Sticks, behind the usual excellent goaltending of Jan “The Brick” Brichterglad, easily handled Sichebach. Matexipar’s winger Joost te Beeck had two assists and said after the game, “We should be top of the table soon. Bevinlunz have [Heiko] Moordfors [the goaltender] and all respect to him but we have the Brick and our team and that’s where the argument ends.”

4 Bevinlunz v. Onatten 2: Bevinlunz opened up a 4-0 lead through two periods to cruise to a 4-2 victory behind the playmaking of Theeodoor “Teddy” Eeltinckhuus, who had 2 assists. Asked to reply to Joost te Beeck’s assessment of the Bevinlunz team, netminder and captain Heiko Moordfors spat and said, “There’s my comment.” Later Moordfors walked the comment back by saying he just had to spit at the moment, but the Matexipar press read the intent and ran with it.

2 Sajbell v. Bjaward 4: Bjaward continues on undefeated with an impressive away from home win versus reeling Sajbell. Tulliver “The Wrecker” Rectorbear continued his offensive ways with 2 assists while forechecking aggressively and picking up two penalties for boarding and interference. “Tully’s under control,” Rjaward coach Norbert Grimm said after the game. “No one should think otherwise.” Young Thomas Beecker, 21-year old winger, had his first goal of the season.

5 Rjaward v. Holtzlund 3: An empty-net goal with a few seconds to go lengthened out Rjaward’s margin of victory versus Holtzlund, but the story in this game was the frenetic end-to-end skating that resulted in 64 shots on goal (32 for each side) and spectacular saves by both goalies. In the end, Schmidt Max of Holtzlund gave up one more than Rjaward’s Lemvedeel Schmeechtpujtr. Max's GAA is an unsightly 3.33 so far in six games is and he will take a rest next game, yielding to youngster Bram Phauxhall. Rjaward’s Jens Klijnehoop scored two and had an assist, including the empty-netter.

2 Lojren v. Meechen 3: Meechen was the better side tonight, countering 2 goals from Lojren’s Kai Ganesmund, who is having a stellar campaign so far. Henk de Wilde, who is of Walloon Belgian stock from the Staff Borsch area, scored for Meechen and assisted on the decider from Arthuur Krenkl, the younger brother of Dohmatische netminder Rokus.

3 Atterische v. Wrischer 3: Wrischer found the net with a short-handed breakaway with 5:05 left in the third period as Atterische were hoping to extend a 3-2 lead on a hooking penalty against Anvorian foward Tomas Scheelgrav. A furious attack at the end came up with no goals and Atterische lamenting a lost opportunity. Wrischer is 4-1-1 in the new season and regaining their form from their amazing 333 NR championship run. Atterische found a silver lining in a goal and an assist from second-line center Ruud Pampujrmoole.

6 Tarlunz v. Meenesanne 1: Tarlunz sliced up the Meenesanne defense and journeyman goaltender Erick Ritsche for 6 goals evenly spaced, 2 a period. Gaining his first trinity of the season was center Habel Baarda, who now has scored 262 regular-season goals in his illustrious 13-year career.

1 Dohmatische v. Te Staff 0: Dohmatische finally found a way to win even though scoring fewer than 2 goals. The defense stiffened and Te Staff’s lack of cohesion among the forwards showed up in spades. Dohmatische’s netminder Rokus Krenkl registered his first shutout of the season, but the 28-year old was quick to credit his defenders’ improved discipline in avoiding penalties. “One penalty I can handle,” said Krenkl. “Six, not so easily.”

Breaking News! Zimrothian goalie not returning

Old-newspaper-350376_1280by Greetchen Wilke-Savujer
for te Borscher Sportteelegraaf (a national sports newspaper in Borschland)

Image by Krzysztof Pluta from Pixabay

Meenesanne, Borschland, Nachtober 19 - Allegations came this week from a statement of the Zimrothian Association of Ice Hockey Clubs (ZDRT) that the young goaltender Gareth Velnath was harassed and vilified during his brief time with Meenesanne and as a result will not be returning to Borschland.

The ZDRT further stated that there would be no discussion of refunding the 40,000 schilling transfer fee that Meenesanne paid to Nurnar Limited, Mendar Nurnar’s Zimrothian goaltender development firm.

“We are not a rich club,” said Meenesanne general partner and president Mattheus Drachtenfeel in a press conference just before the game versus. “We are not like Te Staff, investing thousands upon thousands on unproven players. When we make a payment of such a sum, we expect there to be value in the exchange. The value advertised by the Zimrothian (Nurnar) was not achieved, to say the very least.”

The language in the transfer contract states that if the player so transferred is unable to meet the requirements of the team, the entire payment shall be refunded. But it is vague in the enumeration of those terms beyond the traditional interpretation of failing a physical.

“Velnath reported to Meenesanne in good faith and played as many games as he could under enormous hostility and undue pressure,” said Nurnar in a telegram. “As far as we are concerned, he has discharged his duty and more. He will be playing for the Royal Lancers second team and you will see him soon in an international tournament. He is that good.”

The “second team” mention from Nurnar inflamed Meenesanne partisans the more. “If he is so good,” said trustee Brock Gunderthaal, “why isn’t he playing with the Royal Lancers' first side?”

Players on the Meenesanne side expressed surprise at the allegations of hostility and pressure. “We were behind the kid all the way,” said captain Henrick Ujsner. “We knew it was going to be rocky for him at the start, being so young and all. But we thought he’d weather it.”

Despite Nurnar’s statement, Meenesanne have not closed the books on this situation and are considering legal action, though it is unclear how much influence Borschic law can have on Zimrothian citizens.

"We would like to avoid an international incident," commented Drachteenfeel.

Meenesanne has been limping along with one goalie, Erick Ritsche, who most recently gave up 6 goals at resurgent Tarlunz. Meenesanne hesitated to purchase the contract of Zwischellund netminder Toor Heelbeerg, as Zwischellund was playing Eahnstaff for a chance to go to the second round of the Flowering Branch Cup, but as now the Midlanders have been eliminated, Heelbeerg figures to see time on the first team.

Second Leg of Round One - Flowering Branch Cup 336 NR

Bird-clipart-black-swan-12The Open Division phase has now concluded with 16 teams moving on into Round 2 for a chance to face a Second Division team in a big rink.

After the games concluded, a matchup lottery was taken and the Second Round matchups are set. Note that there is no seeding in the Flowering Branch Cup; matchups are determined randomly, so some teams will have big challenges in this round and some will anticipate moving on without much trouble.

Scroll down to see matchups!

Here are the results from Leg 2 of Round One:

6 Linblad v. Brouwergild 5: Linblad’s lads came up big in this game, scoring twice in the final eight minutes to punch the team’s ticket to the second round. This will be the fourth time in five years that the Sparrowhawks have drawn for the opportunity to face a Division 2 team, but they have never gotten past the next round.

2 Octavion (Vinasola) v. Itasca 1Some creative refereeing on the part of the Vinasolan officials awarded two penalty shots in the last three minutes to the Dolphin Riders, but Itasca's stalwart Koort van Eduardus turned away both and preserved Itasca’s invitation to Round 2 on a 4-2 aggregate score.

4 Eahnstaff v. Zwischellund 2: Eahnstaff made it on to the next round by the slimmest of margins, 7-6. After the game, Zwischellund fans lamented that Meenesanne management had decided not to place 19-year old Zimrothian netminder Gareth Velnath on their team in order to season him for the first division. “No offense to our goaltender,” said one brandy-soaked fan. “But that boy might have made a difference for us.”

6 Ereblad  v. Noj-Sporting-West (Dafna) 7: Holtzlund recruit Dujter Gelterkint again potted four markers as N-S-W moved on to the next round. The Winter Kings’ coach and owner Christoff Klijn said Gelterkint, who is 20, is “first-division ready now.”

3 Gerijnigen Brandujwijn v. Pohlmatische 3: In a subdued game with all the scoring happening in the first two periods, Pohlmatische cruised into the next round after putting up 12 markers in the first game.

5 Hijst v. Rubujnsteen Mijnsoort #8 0: The Ruby Miners almost did not make this game because of a lockdown at the prison camp—six players on the team are inmates at the Ruby facility—but in the end they arrived in Hijst a mere 45 minutes before puck drop and played like they did not exactly know where they were. Hijst’s 40-year old coach and centerman Joost Wilbaanks assisted on 4 of the Hijsters’ goals. The team now moves on to the next round for the first time in 17 years.

4 Schmendefergild v. Kanaal 13: Kanaal eliminated the Railroadmen with a tectonic display of offense. Kanaal coach and general manager Laurens Joorgens defended the large number of goals the team put up by averring that “We took what was given, no more, no less. And if we get that far, goal differential will be a factor.” Goal differential will be the determiner in the round of 6 to see which 2 teams will have a bye into the semi-finals.

1 Retter v. Skujklub Jorkë 1: The Coast Guard cadets played a conservative game and managed to keep the Snow Kestrels banging against a brick wall for most of the game. Jorkë threw 47 shots on Retter’s goal, but only 26 of them got through. Retter is on to Round 2 for the first time in 9 years.

4 Eschmass v. Groot Maalstaff 4: The first shootout of the competition featured a final, dramatic goal by 17-year old Bernt Sneecklachen, a defenseman who likes to forecheck. After the game, Sneecklachen signed a deal with Lojren that pays Eschmass a 15,000 schilling premium, a goodly sum for such a young player. Eschmass moves on at the expense of a feisty Groot Maalstaff club.

5 St. Benjamujn v. Verbrodering-Hammerspujl 4: St. Benjamin rallied to win the second leg of the round versus the Blacksmiths, but Verbrodering-Hammerspujl won on an aggregate score of 10-8.

8 Gull-Overboom v. Veenknechtgild 1: The Peatcutters’ Guild succeeded in holding exuberant Gull-Overboom to single digits on their side of the ledger, but little else went well for them in this game, as the Seagulls paraded into the next round to the chant of “Here comes the Overboom.” Nils Nujenhuus had four goals to go along with the 2 he scored in the first game.

3 Wootenmaas v. St. Grundel-Mittelmascht 0: Wootenmaas righted the ship in their second leg of the round as the Swampers’ offense went silent and the Apple Pickers won on aggregate scoring 4-3. Still, it was a good tournament for St. Grundel, which hadn’t won an open round game in seven years.

6 King-Frujdrick-Nojkapeel v. Fratres (Vinasolan ex-pats) 0: The Fratres adopted a defense-first strategy in this game, which coach and Vinasolan Assistant General Consul Tiberius Tertius said was due to the team’s desire to “lose with honor and dignity.” The Militia of King-Frujdrick spent most of the game in the Fratres end and peppered them with 51 shots, 38 of which got through. K-F-N is through to the next phase with a 15-2 aggregate score.

Veefgoodergild 1 v. St-Pujtr-Altstaff 0: The Packers of Rjaward played stalwart defense behind the goaltending of young Pujt Feeldenhammer, eliminating the Red Deacons of St-Pujtr-Altstaff.

7 Krosstop v. Brachtebold 0: Not much of a challenge for Krosstop as half-Vinasolan skating sensation Marcus Feelsbruck-Marcellinus scored a trinity against the woeful Brown Wrens of Brachtebold.

2 St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff v. Patineur Alma 1: Another disciplined game from the Christmas Saints ushered them into the next round. Patineur Alma goes home bitterly disappointed after finding their way to the round of 16 (Round 4 Proper) in the Cup of 335.


Round 2 Matchups

An overview of the matchups, who's an underdog and who's an upset candidate, will be published in a future post.

  1. Itasca v. Retter
  2. Gottwrischer v. Dafna
  3. Ellafuus v. Pohlmatische
  4. Gull-Overboom v. University of Borschland - St. Elisabeth
  5. Noi-Sporting-West v. Tisbe
  6. St. Borsch v. Rachenz
  7. Kanaal v. Limpael
  8. Oststaff v. King-Frujdrick-Noikapeel
  9. Alma v. Eschmass
  10. Lassefball v. Verbrodering-Hammerspujl
  11. Bijfhaf v. Lisandra
  12. Benjaminburg v. Hijst
  13. Krosstop v. Veefgoodergild
  14. Linblad v. St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff
  15. Eahnstaff v. Armaruj
  16. University of Borschland - Tujrspaarck v. Wootenmaas


Week 5 of the Borschland Hockey League

Bird-clipart-black-swan-12Updated standings ---> in Borschland Deep Dives =====>

It was an exciting week in Borschland hockey. Bevinlunz, the only undefeated and untied team in the league, drew 0-0 versus humble Sichebach, narrowing their lead at the top of the table to 1 point over resurgent Wrischer and Rjaward (4-1-0). Meanwhile, Meenesanne's 19-year old netminder Gareth Velnath unexpectedly traveled back to his native Zimroth without a timetable for his return. Meensanne had paid a 40,000 schilling transfer fee for the young phenom and was hoping for great things from him, but so far he has mightily disappointed.

(Image: the logo of the Borschland Hockey Federation)

0 Sichebach Bevinlunz 0: Sichebach achieved an amazing result versus previously undefeated and untied Bevinlunz, holding them to a shutout after giving up 5 and 6 goals respectively to Holtzlund and Meenesanne. Bevinlunz defensebear Christopher Sacrament scored a late goal that was waved off because of goaltender interference. After the game Sacrament said it was a just call. “Hats off to Sichebach. They protected their honey like good bees do.”

3 Tarlunz Matexipar 2: Tarlunz showed grit and determination in holding off their steel brethren on their home ice. The Ponders solved Matexipar’s Jaan “The Brick” Brichterglad for three goals in the first period, then held on for dear life behind the goaltending of Maxime ter Aarte. Veteran center Habel Baarda scored his first goal of the season for Tarlunz.

2 Te Staff Atterische 1: Te Staff stiffened their necks at Te Ringk against a previously undefeated Atterische side. Atterische’s Wiebe Minther was back in goal for the Peat Men and acquitted himself well. A desperate slap shot from Sherm Reinhardt with :36 left in the game managed to find net with wing Conraad Gleeph providing traffic in front.

1 Meensanne Rjaward 3: The Cattle Drivers won their fourth straight tilt, two of them away from home. Erick Ritsche, substitute goalie for the Zimrothian Gareth Velnath, held Rjaward to 3 goals on 36 total shots, but got no help from the anemic Meenesanne offense. The Drivers were led by Bearish forward Tulliver “The Wrecker” Rectorbear with a goal and an assist.

1 Sajbell Wrischer 3: Wrischer didn’t get a passel of goals this time, but their defense came up big versus a Sajbell team looking to please their fans. Sajbell have only 5 goals in their first 5 games.

4 Holtzlund Bjaward 4: Another high-scoring tie at home left the fans scratching their heads a bit. Bjaward was a formidable opponent, but they were hoping for better goaltending in Erichels. Dujtrick de Jong had two goals for the Axe Men, while Anvorian Pascal Nuessli had two assists for the Bulls.

3 Onatten Meechen 3: The Longshoremen might have hoped for more at home versus the Proud Lions, who were making their first trip away from Meechen this year, but in the end they needed to make up a 3-1 deficit to take away a point from this game. This was the first time Onatten had more than two goals in a game, and it was thanks to Laurens van Boom, their venerable center, who scored once and assisted on the other two markers.

2 Lojren Dohmatische 1: Te Lughaus eked out a win at home versus the traveling Swamp Hawks, who have not yet given up more than 3 goals in a game, but who have no wins to show for it. This time it was not Kai Ganesmund but the second line of Erick van Meettelin at center and Dirk Zuckermann at right wing who provided the offense for Lojren.