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Second 8 games of Leg 1, Round 3, Flowering Branch Cup 336

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 5.20.03 PMUpsets in the making! A couple of teams will have work to do coming back home for the second leg of Round 3 of the Flowering Branch Cup!

Image: The team shield of St. Nicholaas-Meechenstaff (extra points for figuring out what place it's "really" the shield of)

6 St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff v. Oststaff 5: This was much more of an offensive game than anyone anticipated, with the Christmas Saints holding on after scoring an empty-net goal with 1:51 left and making it 6-4, and then enduring as Oststaff came a goal closer at :24. S-N-M’s coach Dujter Woolbeender vowed to shore up the defense for the away game. “We must do everything we can to help Destiny take its rightful course! Pray for us, St. Nicholaas!”

2 Ellafuus  v. Matexipar 1: The Coast Boys got the best of the Iron Sticks, as Matexipar elected to rest goaltender Jaan “the Brick” Brichterglad and put Nicholaas Untergrujn in front of the cage. Untergrujn stopped 25 of 27 shots, but the decider came with only 1:11 left in the third on a tip-in from 34-year old winger Daar Schwinn. Matexipar will need to win their second leg by more than a goal to get into the round of 16.

3 Alma v. Onatten 3: The Mountain Climbers fought the Longshoremen to a standstill as both teams played conservatively in the third period as if to preserve the tie. Alma’s coach Pujtr Groosmann was satisfied with the result. “We can duplicate this at their place,” he said, “and if we do, I like our chances in the shootout."

3 St. Borsch v. Rjaward 7: The Saints managed 3 away goals versus the Cattle Drivers, but Rjaward’s offense was productive throughout the game, getting 3, 2, and 2 goals in the first, second, and third periods respectively. Jens Klijnehoop had two goals and two assists for Rjaward’s potent first line.

0 Hijst v. Tarlunz 3: The Hijsters were well satisfied with what they considered an excellent result against top league Tarlunz. “Holding a great time to 3 goals on our own ice is more than what we were hoping for,” said coach Wim Wuppertaal afterwards. “Now we go to the big city and it’s anyone’s series.” Hijst will have to come up with more than the 11 shots on goal they got in this game as they played very conservatively. Hijst goaltender Tomas Beeckel was peppered with 47 shots, turning back 44. Tarlunz got a goal from Habel Baarda, but shuffled lines and let their third line take the lion’s share of the shifts. 1,401 partisans packed Hijst's tiny rinkside, a record.

2 Bijfhaf v. Sajbell 3: The Sea Gods racked up a solid win against their Loflinder second-division opponents. Ahead 3-0 after two periods on goals by Franck Hoockertop, Bram te Hammer, and Christoff Weelsbrod, Sajbell sagged a bit, giving up 2 goals in the first 8 minutes of the third, one to center Branger Itna and the other to left wing Crimpna Dak. But Sajbell’s goaltender Sybrandy Spillers stood tall as Bijfhaf declined to pull goalie Rokus Osthav’n in the last minutes. “They have three away goals already and we didn’t want to give them a fourth,” said Bijfhaf’s coach Shudwen Tepik.

5 Meechen v. Bjaward 3: Meechen added a late empty-net goal for the difference in this one as the Bulls were not quite up to Meechen’s relentless offensive drive. The Bulls also gave up two power-play goals, an unusual thing for them. First star of the game went to Meechen’s Vinasolan first line right wing, Vergilius Vergallus, who chipped in 2 goals.

1 Noj-Sporting-West v. Te Staff 4: Te Staff, behind standout goaltending by Loflin international Korka, easily handled the Winter Kings. Bernt Gruun, now receiving substantial votes for the National Selection team, scored a goal and had an assist.

Round 3 of the Flowering Branch Cup: First 8

Gladioli_FlowerChallenging times for many of the Open Division hopefuls as we began Round 3 today, with Kanaal's win over Holtzlund the biggest surprise. Tomorrow, eight more games.

Image: Borschland's fabulous summer gladioli, a reminder of warm weather as we go into winter.

4 Dohmatische v. Bevinlunz 4: A wild game for both teams ended with Bevinlunz equalizing with only 12 seconds left on the clock. This followed a bizarre sequence where Bevilunz’s coach Florian “The Cleaver” Klavujr protested that an extra minute had been taken off the clock without the officials realizing it. “They tried to steal the game, but we had our own clock going, too,” said Klavujr. “This wasn’t our maiden voyage. We knew what they were up to.” The officials restored 30 seconds to the clock, but that went by without incident before Wulf Nojklaes scored in a last flurry of shorts on Rokus Krenkl’s goal. Dohmatische’s first 4-goal outbreak of the year did not end in a win, and now Bevinlunz’s 4 away goals will be tough to beat back on the Bevinlander shore.

3 Meenesanne v. Atterische 1: Meenesanne took care of business at home versus the Peat Men, signaling they are serious about bringing home some silverware to the Weaver City this year. Helmut Ockschull scored and Henrick Ujsner had two assists for the Weavers. Atterische's Ruud Pampujrmoole scored on a short-handed breakaway.

1 Dafna v. Sichebach 1: Dafna’s inspired defensive stand netted them a tie with a low away-goals score for Sichebach. That means the have to tie Dafna 0-0 or beat them to go into the Round of 16. Dafna's defender Theedy Fraantl blocked 9 shots.

4 Kanaal v. Holtzlund 3: 250. Kanaal obtained a significant win over Holtzlund. With Bram Phauxhall in goal for the Axe Men, Kanaal went out to a 3-1 lead and sealed the win with a long-range shot from defenseman Eernst Kappe (nephew of Wujbe) that was tipped in by centerman Joost van Tijle. Kanaal had not won a game versus a top league team since 330. “We’ll be ready for them next time,” promised Holtzlund coach Dirk Eechen.

Eahnstaff 2 v. UB - St. Elisabeth 7: Eahnstaff did not put up much of a fight at home versus the Techsters. They will have an even bigger mountain to climb when they travel to Staff Borsch, but are looking at a good payout for getting to the third round nonetheless.

Verbrodering-Hammerspujl 3 v. Wrischer 5: The Blacksmiths hung with the Bargemen for two periods plus 17 minutes, but Tomas Scheelgrav broke through with a nifty drive to the net at 2:36 left and broke V-H’s back. The last goal was an empty-netter.

1 Krosstop v. Lojren 7: Visiting te Lughaus took care of business at the mouth of the Borschland River, quieting a record 1,314 standing room only crowd on the rink next to the Bluff. Kai Ganesmund had a goal and 4 assists for the victorious Lighthouse.

0 Retter v. UB-Tujrspaarck 3: The Scholars had enough offense and stifled the Coast Guard Cadets in a game where the Cadets could only manage 15 shots on goal. The University’s top goal scorer, Stareth Vesnar, who had a goal and an assist in this game, will be in the Zimrothian National Selection for the Nation’s Cup at midseason.

Breaking News: National Selection Ballot

Bird-clipart-black-swan-12National Selection Ballot for Nations' Cup of Ice Hockey 336 NR

Center: Choose 2 (at least 3 will make team)

  1. Christoff Anselm (Te Staff)*
  2. Habel Baarda (Tarlunz)
  3. Beenz Grechtlin (Wrischer)
  4. Jens Klijnehoop (Rjaward)
  5. Alex Meesenhammer (Bjaward)
  6. Marck Munchmann (Sichebach)
  7. Rick Rijstad (Atterische)
  8. Henk de Wilde (Meechen)


Left Wing: Choose 2 (at least 3 will make team)

  1. Kai Ganesmund (Lojren)
  2. Arthuur Krenkl (Meechen)
  3. Wulf Nojklaes (Bevinlunz)
  4. Lourens Noordhall (Holtzlund)
  5. Tomas Scheelgrav (Wrischer)
  6. Koort Strijker (Rjaward)

Right Wing: Choose 2 (at least 3 will make team)

  1. Tor Glenk (Bjaward)
  2. Albuj Ploof (Bevinlunz)
  3. Sigiswald Zberg (Matexipar)
  4. Korin Kugellicht (Wrischer)
  5. Jens Jeppernackt (Atterische)
  6. Gerd Luppink  (Tarlunz)

Forward (for forwards not in first three categories): Choose 3, up to 3 will make team)

  1. Joost te Beeck (Matexipar)
  2. Laurens van Boom (Onatten)
  3. Sander Glossamer (Lojren)
  4. Bernt Gruun (Te Staff)
  5. Dujtrick de Jong (Holtzlund)
  6. Gerd Zijterwoode (Rjaward)

Defenseman: Choose 3 (6 will make team)

  1. Wujbe Kappe (Meechen)
  2. Jeeluj Sudmaas (Te Staff)
  3. Gerrit “Castle” te Rook (Te Staff)
  4. Bartul van Abeele (Meechen)
  5. Klaes Dievenhoven (Holtzlund)
  6. Antonius Mujrefeld (Rjaward)
  7. Dujter Schmijtstaff (Sajbell)
  8. Theeodoor “Teddy” Eeltinckhuus (Bevinlunz)
  9. Phillip Rooker (Meenesanne)
  10. Henrick Ujsner (Meenesanne)
  11. Frenz Ulbrecht (Holtzlund)

Goaltender: Choose 1 (2 will make team)

  1. Jaan “the Brick” Brichterglad (Matexipar)
  2. Korka (Te Staff)
  3. August Hoock (Tarlunz)
  4. Rokus Krenkl (Dohmatische)
  5. Heiko Moordfors (Bevinlunz)
  6. Markus Ortel (Atterische)

Breaking News: Velnath makes Zimrothian National Team


Soon-to-be 20-year old Zimrothian goaltender Gareth Velnath, currently riding an 87-minute unscored-on streak for Holtzlund, has been named #3 goaltender for the Zimrothian selection of the upcoming Nations' Cup of Ice Hockey Tournament to be held in Altium Dacni, Vinasola.

The Zimrothian Association of Ice Hockey Clubs (ZDRT) made the announcement shortly after Velnath's shutout of Te Staff in Staff Borsch.

Image of Gareth Velnath in junior hockey action in Zimroth by RoboMichalec from Pixabay

"We think the young man will make an excellent addition to our team," said spokesperson Startath Ungarth. "He is doing well in Borschland, as we expected."

Reaction from the Borschland Hockey League (BHL) has been mixed. Holtzlund's coach Dirk Eechen took the news as a vindication of the club's decision to bring the youngster to Erichels from Meenesanne.

Officials of the league were less positive. "Carrying three goaltenders is unusual for a national selection," commented Brock Valeentz, president of the BHL. "It is their choice, of course, but I might choose another skater over one's national pride."

Ungarth retorted hotly to Valeentz's comment that "We do everything to win the Nation's Cup of Ice Hockey. This has nothing to do with the recent events in Borschland, embarrassing as they may have been to their league."

Zimroth's National Selection is made by officials of the league in consultation with the King, Unmar the Eleventh, whereas Borschland's is made by popular vote of the members of the Society of Ice Hockey Enthusiasts of Borschland, a dues-paying group. The ballot itself is agreed upon by the owners of the various BHL clubs.

The National Selection ballot will be published later today; the Nation's Cup is scheduled for the BHL midseason break after Week 15 of the regular season.

Week 11 results: Borschland Hockey League

Updated standings! Click on the sidebar on the right ---------------->

Bird-clipart-black-swan-12Four losses by home teams highlight this week's set of games as Meechen strengthened its hold on first place in the table.

National Selection talk is ramping up. The Borschland team will have 20 places, 3 lines, 6 defenders, 3 bench players, and 2 goaltenders. At the midseason break they will play a round-robin of games versus Vinasola, Zimroth, The Celtlands, the Twin Kingdoms, Anvoria, and Bearland. The two teams with the best record face off in a final for the Continental Cup of Ice Hockey.

Every year, Borschland is expected to win. If they do not, it is a national disaster and a moment for collective soul-searching.

0 Te Staff v. Holtzlund 2: Zimrothian goaltender Gareth Velnath led a revamped Holtzlund defense that came into Staff Borsch and shut them out for the first time in 21 years. Velnath has now gone 83 minutes without giving up a goal in an Axe Men jersey. Newly-acquired defenseman Koldar Vorochel played 21:31 and was a +1 on the night, while Holtzlund’s forechecking caused 7 giveaways.

1 Sajbell v. Atterische 3: Atterische are still tied with the fewest losses on the year (1, with Meechen) after taking care of business away from home against the last-place Tritons. The hero of this game was Targus Wupperthaal, Atterische’s third-line center, who broke a 1-1 tie in the second with an acrobatic move in front of the Sajbell net. Coach Paul Angewejrt said afterwards, “That wasn’t just a ‘happy birthday to you’ thing. He can do that and he’s gone to do it more as he gets more confident.” Wupperthaal was happy to hear the news that Atterische was going to be bringing in promising forward Theeduj Konstantujnus to bolster his line. And at least for this game, Atterische did not miss departed defenseman Koldar Vorochel, having purchased the contract of Irish defender Seamus Rig from the Celtlands’ top league team, Cuchulainn Heroes.

0 Tarlunz v. Meechen 2: The Lions are looking tougher and tougher to beat. Tarlunz were on a solid roll, going 5-1-0 in their last six games, with three games on the road. But Tarlunz came home to a fortress manned by Lion goaltender Welneth Ungarth and defenders Bartul van Abeele and veteran Wujbe Kappe. Tarlunz went 0-3 on the power play and gave up a shorthanded goal to Meechen’s third-line winger Doutze Holweerde.

1 Dohmatische v. Rjaward 3: The irresistible force (Rjaward’s offense) was pitted against the immovable object (Dohmatische’s defense), and the winner was the Cattle Drivers. Dohmatische is in desperate need of goals at the moment but there seems to be no help on the horizon for the drought. Meanwhile, Rjaward’s centers Jens Klijnehoop and Gerd Zijterwoode continue to make their case for the National Selection team at midseason. Jens has 4 goals and 4 assists while Gerd has 3 and 7 after both scored in this game.

3 Sichebach v. Lojren 2: Sichebach went 2-0-1 on this homestand after opening the season 0-6-2. Te Lughaus was the victim this time; they were hoping for at least a 2-2 draw away from home and a point, but Sichebach’s Marck Munchmann shoveled in the puck after a scrum at the net with only 1:49 to go in the game. 41-year old Dragoon Camarata did a solid job in net for first-teamer Fredduj Frujddenackt, stopping 30 of 33 shots, but it was Arnesten Schupinck who got first-star honors for turning back 36 of 38 Lojren efforts. Kai Ganesmund seems a shoo-in for the National Selection at left wing as he scored his eighth goal of the year.

3 Bevinlunz v. Wrischer 0: Heiko Moordfors and the Bevinlunz defense shut down the high-flying Wrischer first line. The Bargemen are spiraling down on a 4-game losing streak after starting the year 5-1-1. Merchantman defensebear Christopher Sacrament had an assist and blocked 5 shots to pad his resumé for first-line National Selection honors.

2 Onatten v. Matexipar 1: Early-season inconsistency continues to plague the Iron Sticks. It’s never easy to come into Onatten’s noisy rink, but this year with Onatten down and struggling, Matexipar coach must have figured this was one in their pocket. The Longshoremen broke a 1-1 tie late in the third with a power play tap-in from after was called for boarding. Jaan “the Brick” Brichterglad stopped 23 of 25 shots, but Onatten’s Cendar Perdath was one goal better, making 31 saves along the way.

5 Bjaward v. Meenesanne 1: The Bulls of Bjaward did what was expected of them at home and more, taking down a disorganized Meenesanne team that gave up two power play goals and four penalties. Anvorian Pascal Nuessli scored 2 goals while goaltender Breet van Hejgl stopped 17 of 18 Weaver shots.

Predictions for Round Three of the Flowering Branch Cup 336 NR!

Bank-note-1276954_1920Place your bets for Round 3 of the Flowering Branch Cup! 

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands#stayathome #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay 

Giveaway announcement: Now, anyone who gets to 500 schillings of winnings will be put in a drawing for a $20 gift from Teespring, with which, if you want, you can buy a HockeyNC t-shirt.

  • I'm still wondering if I should make a BHL Black Swan t-shirt. We'll see.
  • If you're the only one who gets to 500 schillings, you win!
  • If no one gets to 500 schillings, I'll pick from among anyone who's won anything.
  • One entry per round per person.
  • You've got this round, the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals to bet. So far, @mrfrauenfelder is in the lead with 250 schillings. No one else has picked an upset.

Good luck!

  1. Tarlunz v. Hijst: If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime upset, look no further. The smalltowners from the open plains near Bjaward beat second-division Benjaminburg in the second round and now play their first game ever against the Steelmen. Prediction: Tarlunz. Don’t throw away your money. This should pay off way more than a thousand schillings! Upset: Bet Hijst and win 1000 schillings.

  2. Wrischer v. Verbrodering-Hammerspujl: On paper, this is an easy call. Wrischer has great skaters if not the best defense, and they are playing an Open Division team with some Tarlunz prospects but without nearly the depth of their top-league opponents. The Blacksmiths look forward to a big payday for this matchup but do not expect to win. Prediction: Wrischer. Upset: V-H, 800.

  3. Matexipar v. Ellafuus: This one should be easy for Matexipar, but they have sputtered in the early going of the season at 3-3-4. Ellafuus downed Open Division opponent Pohlmatische easily in Round 2 and they are a respectable second-division side; still, Matexipar have Jaan "The Brick" Brichterglad walling off the net and a wild fan base. Prediction: Matexipar, unless something goofy happens. Upset: Ellafuus, 600.

  4. Krosstop v. Lojren: The other half of the feel-good story of the 336 Blossom Cup goes against a team that is trending up. Te Lughaus is now 4-4-2 and tough at home. Krosstop has a dream and little else. Prediction: Lojren, but watch for a low-scoring first game at home for Krosstop. Lojren has only scored 17 goals in its 10 games. A power outage might be fatal for them. Upset: Krosstop, 500.

  5. Rjaward v. St. Borsch: One of the easiest matchups to predict. Rjaward is top of the table this year and has a potent offense, while St. Borsch, though impressive in shrugging off disorganized Rachenz in Round 2, does not have the skaters to compete with the Cattle Drivers. Prediction: Rjaward. Upset: St.-Borsch, 450.

  6. Noj-Sporting-West v. Te Staff: An enticing tilt between a Te Staff team missing its first two centers and the surprising Winter Kings, who showed excellent discipline and grit in sending home second-division Tisbe. Can phenom Dujter Gelterkint put N-S-W on his back and make history? Prediction: Signs point to no. Te Staff has too much tradition and defenders Jeeluj Sudmaas and Gerrit “Castle” te Rook will make life difficult for Gelterkint. Upset: N-S-W, 400.

  7. Retter v. UB - Tujrspaarck: The Scholars of the University of Borschland survived round 2 and tiny Wootenmaas by the tiniest of margins. Retter is better than Wootenmaas and seasoned by defeating two abe opponents, Skujklub Jorkë and Itasca. This may be the place to put down your money, if you believe in lightning striking twice—just not in the same rink. Prediction: UB-Tujrspaarck doesn’t let lightning strike twice. Upset: Retter, 350.

  8. UB - St. Elisabeth v. Eahnstaff: Eahnstaff and Krosstop are the feel-good teams of this tournament, the “twin cities” on either side of the mouth of the Borschland River in extreme south-east Borschland. St.-Elisabeth has the enthusiasm of a university behind it and dispatched an Open Division team similar to Eahnstaff (the enthusiastic Gull-Overboom) in Round 2. Prediction: an Eahnstaff win would be surprising, but not out of the question. Upset: Eahnstaff, 300.

  9. Oststaff v. St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff: This is the type of series fans look for in the Flowering Branch Cup. The Christmas Saints are an Open Division team but they are filled with Meechen hopefuls, while the Cadets of Oststaff are the de facto reserve team of Te Staff. Oststaff is in a higher division but does not necessarily have more depth. The proxy war between Meechen and Te Staff should be full of cannon shots. Prediction: S-N-M surprises, and the payoff is attractive. Upset: S-N-M, 300.

  10. Kanaal v. Holtzlund: Kanaal is the best Open Division team that should not be in the Open Division. They have dispatched Schmendefergild and Limpael, not amazing opponents, in arriving at Round 3 and the Timbermen. Holtzlund has an issue with defense and goaltending, but they are solid goal-scorers, with 42 over 10 games. Prediction: Kanaal hasn’t seen this kind of firepower; Holtzlund will prevail. Upset: Kanaal, 250.
  11. Bijfhaf v. Sajbell: This is a danger matchup for Sajbell. Bijfhaf is running on high spirits after knocking off second-division frontrunner Lisandra, and there isn’t all that much that separates a high second-division team and a hapless top flight club. If you want to bet a little adventurously, go with Bijfhaf. Prediction: Bijfhaf has the momentum with them; Sajbell does not. Upset: Bijfhaf, 250.

  12. Meenesanne v. Atterische: Atterische has been teetering on ties for most of the year but only has one loss. Meenesanne is feeling the weight of a lost 40,000 investment on a Zimrothian goalie. But Meenesanne was impressive in tying Atterische 2-2 in Week 8. Prediction: Atterische should win, but don’t count Meenesanne out. Upset: Meenesanne, 200.

  13. Dohmatische v. Bevinlunz: This one is a bit tricky to handicap. Dohmatische has a hard-nosed defense but can’t score and Bevinlunz has Heiko Moordfors, the all-Continent goaltender. Unfortunately for Bevinlunz, they haven’t been able to score lately either: 8 goals in their last 5 games, going 1-1-3 against not-so-stellar competition. This one could end up a 1-0 aggregate score for either team. Prediction: Bevinlunz’s superior depth gets them through. Upset: Dohmatische, 150.

  14. Dafna v. Sichebach: A very interesting matchup here pits confident Dafna in the second division versus bottom-dwelling Sichebach in the top league. Dafna had a brief scare versus Gottwrischer in the second round, but shut them out in the second game to win aggregate 6-3. Sichebach has a lot of pride and is not going to win the championship, so this is their last stand. Prediction: Sichebach will salvage a series win against a game but ultimately overmatched second-division team. Upset: Dafna, 100.

  15. Alma v. Onatten: Another tough first-second matchup where a series win for the top league team will be no picnic. Onatten has scored 14 goals and has a -16 goal differential; Alma just put a hurting on Open Division also-ran Eschmass. For an upset, this is as close to a sure thing as you can get, which is why the payoff is low. Prediction: Alma moves on to the round of 16. Upset: Alma, 100.

  16. Meechen v. Bjaward: This matchup is unfortunate for both teams, as they will be slugging it out in an early round instead of tuning up with a lower division opponent. Meechen is riding high at 7-1-2 and dispatched Bjaward in Week 8, 2-1, but Bjaward has plenty of weapons and is game for the fight. Prediction: Meechen by a hair, but it’s really anyone’s series. Upset: even.

Week 10 results: Borschland Hockey League

Updated standings can be found in the sidebar to the right --------------------->

3 Atterische v. Rjaward 3: Atterische’s coach Paulus Angewejrt commended his Peat Men for a hard-won tie presided over by Wujbe Minther, who seems to be taking over the first-team goalie duties from Markus Ortel. “Holding Rjaward to 3 goals is like shutting out another. They’re that good with the puck,” said Angewejrt. Rick Rijkstad, who scored his sixth goal of the season and is vying for a place on the National Selection Team that will play in the midseason Nations Cup, had an assist to go with his marker, and Ruud Pampujrmoole had another. Rjaward got scores from Koort Strijker, Gerd Zijterwoode, and Michael Angelbear.

1 Sichebach v. Bjaward 1: Sichebach’s Fox Hunters again foiled a top-of-the-table club at home, matching their 0-0 effort earlier this season against Bevinlunz. This may have been a greater achievement, though, based on Bjaward’s rank as 4th best goal scorers in the league. Sichebach yielded only a first-period goal to winger and National Selection favorite Tor Glenk and goalie Arnesten Schupinck turned back the other 35 shots against him. Sichebach defenseman Steen Rudolphus had second-star honors as he blocked 7 shots and had 9 hits.

3 Holtzlund v. Tarlunz 5: 19-year old Zimrothian goaltender Gareth Velnath was pressed into service in the second period of this game after first-teamer Bram Phauxhall gave up 4 goals on 10 shots in the first 27 minutes, one each of Tarlunz’ strong first line: Habel Baarda, Gerd Luppink, and 24-year old rising star Henrick van Ejck. Velnath played well, giving up zero goals on 21 shots; the final goal was an empty-netter by Tarlunz’s Halvor Thijs. Holtzlund coach Dirk Eechen said, “The youngster has earned himself some playing time.”

4 Meechen vs Wrischer 1: Meechen won convincingly at home against the suddenly punchless Bargemen. Henk de Wilde scored his fourth goal of the season, Arthuur Krenkl his third, and defender Barteel van Abeele had two assists. Welneth Ungarth, Meechen’s Zimrothian goaltender, had an enormous game, turning back 37 of 38 shots. After the game, Wrischer coach Jonathan Hojberger said there might need to be changes along Wrischer’s defensive line. Asked if management might bring in a new face or two, Hojberger mentioned the name of Retter defenseman Laurens Pohlpert in particular. If Retter get through this round of the Flowering Branch Cup, Pohlpert will not be eligible to change teams until the Coast Guard cadets are eliminated.

1 Onatten v. Dohmatische 2: Dohmatische continued their aggressive ways, this time pushing around the Longshoremen and limiting them to 19 shots on goal. Dohmatische killed off four penalties thanks to defenders Hubert “Hube” Bearishwood, Clawson Rhododendron, and Parn Uptek. Grayson Mulebear and Savujer Ulm had the goals for Dohmatische, which won its first game away from home in 336 and second straight.

2 Meenesanne v. Bevinlunz 2: The Weavers bowed their backs against a Bevinlunz team that is showing signs of weakness offensively: the Merchantmen have now scored a total of only 8 goals in their last 5 games, a stretch in which they have won only once. Meenesanne provided a bit of drama in this game, down 2-1 and facing a 2-minute penalty to Henrick Ujsner for high-sticking defender Christopher Sacrament. On the ensuing faceoff, Meenesanne won and the puck came out to young first-line center Helmut Ockschull, who was a 33-goal star for Zwischellund last year. He took the puck almost the length of the ice, slipped two defenders, and feinted before shoveling the puck over the sprawling pads of goalie Heiko Moordfors. Unfortunately, this was only Ockshull's second goal of the season, but he certainly shows promise of more. Who will be the National Selection netminder for Borschland this season? This will not help Moordfors's resumé!

2 Lojren v. Matexipar 1: Upset along the coast as te Lughaus shocked Matexipar with two goals in the second period that goaltender Fredduj Frujdennackt made stand up, stopping 22 of 23 shots in the third period alone. Sander Glossamer, emerging as an offensive force, helped his second line (with center Bengt Jagermann and right wing Dolus Dolichius) score both goals. Jagermann had the other.

4 Te Staff vs Sajbell 2: Te Staff got well at the expense of the Sea Gods, scoring 4 goals for the first time in the 336 campaign. Bernt Gruun had a goal and two assists for the City and netminder Korka stopped 25 of 27 shots.

Matchups for Round 3 of the Flowering Branch Cup 336 NR

Sakura-4890030_1920The match-ups have been set for the all-important Round 3 of the Flowering Branch Cup for 336 NR.

(The Flowering Branch: immortal white blossoms. Image by Vcentee Alvarado from Pixabay )

  • The matchups were randomly drawn, creating 16 games between the remaining 32 teams, without regard to their place in the three divisions.
  • All teams from lower divisions that play top league teams are guaranteed one-half of the gate of the home game of their top-flight opponent.
  • Open Division and Second Division teams that do not play top league teams in this round, but move on to the next round, are guaranteed a 10,000 schilling premium plus half the gate of the next top-league team they play, if they ever do.
  • Open Division and Second Division teams that reach the Round of 16 have their rosters frozen. They cannot sell the contracts of their players until they are knocked out of the competition. However, once they are knocked out, teams that wish to acquire players' contracts must pay a 5,000 schilling premium to the team on top of the purchase price.

And now, on to the matchups. For betting purposes, the number at the end of the matchup indicates how much you can win if you pick the right upset. Underdogs are in Blue.

  1. Tarlunz v. Hijst 1000
  2. Wrischer v. Verbrodering-Hammerspujl 800
  3. Matexipar v.  Ellafuus 600
  4. Krosstop v. Lojren 500
  5. Rjaward v. St. Borsch 450
  6. Noj-Sporting-West v. Te Staff 400
  7. Retter v. UB - Tujrspaarck 350
  8. Oststaff v. St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff 300
  9. UB - St. Elisabeth v. Eahnstaff 300
  10. Kanaal v. Holtzlund 250
  11. Bijfhaf v. Sajbell 250
  12. Meenesanne v. Atterische 200
  13. Dohmatische v. Bevinlunz 150
  14. Dafna v. Sichebach 100
  15. Alma v. Onatten 100
  16. Meechen v. Bjaward even

Matchup analysis to come!

Week 9 results: Borschland Hockey League

Bird-clipart-black-swan-12Check out the updated standings in the sidebar to the right—————->

Voting for mid-season National Selection Team will be open soon!

4 Rjaward v. Sajbell 3: Though Meechen is dogging their heels, the Cattle Drivers did put some distance between itself and the rest of the pack with a win that was much more challenging than it should have been. Sajbell was behind 3-1 at the beginning of the second period and Rjaward was buzzing around the Sajbell goal looking for more when Sajbell’s Franck Hoockertop broke out and solved Rjaward goaltender Lemvedeel Schmeechtpujtr on a breakaway. From then on it was a fight as Rjaward briefly jumped out to a 4-2 lead only to have Sajbell push closer with a goal from Dujter Schmijtstaff. Rjaward matches its best 9-game start to a season since 325.

3 Lojren v. Te Staff 2: Te Staff’s woes continued as they lost centerman Sherm Reinhardt to a lower-body injury. Sherm is day-to-day, but with both their first-line center Christoff Anselm and second-liner Reinhardt out, the City might need to acquire a forward to shore up their offense, especially a power play crew that is 1-14 so far this year. Te Lughaus wing Kai Ganesmund assisted on two of the goals, including the decider at 10:15 of the third, a tip-in by Dirk Zuckermann.

3 Atterische v. Bjaward 2: Atterische was able to best the Bulls tonight as the coach for Bjaward Norbert Grimm received a game misconduct penalty for arguing a disallowed goal and Atterische capitalized. What was going to be a 3-2 Bjaward lead in the second period became a 3-2 Atterische lead that they did not relinquish. Atterische’s Quentin van Vleet had the game-winner and Wujbe Minther stopped 33 of 35 shots for the Diggers.

3 Holtzlund v. Matexipar 3: The Axe Men were disappointed with this result—leading 3-1 midway through the third period, the Iron Sticks pounced on two defensive mistakes, the second by goaltender Bram Phauxhall, who blundered a glove save onto the stick of Joost te Beeck. Te Beeck gratefully directed the puck into the top right-hand corner of the goal.

2 Onatten v. Meenesanne 1: In a battle of cellar dwellers, Onatten was able to please their fans with a dramatic come-from-behind win with Meenesanne leading 1-0 midway through the second period. Rams goaltender Erick Ritsche turned back 24 of 26 shots, while Whale netminder Gottmar Fvisch stopped 17 of 18. Onatten’s winner came from Laurens van Boom.

1 Dohmatische v. Tarlunz 0: The Swamp Hawks played a helter-skelter but effective defensive game against the Steelmen, blunting their charge to the top of the table. Habel Baarda was harassed all game long and held scoreless; Dohmatische managed to kill off both penalties whistled against players for outrage against Baarda. Dohmatische's half-Loflin coach Azofer Teekeetl said, “On our ice we are letting no one freely skate through the crease.” Tarlunz coach Ampte Geert stopped short of calling the Dohmatische defense “woorgene,” the Borschic word for goons, but he did say, “There will be a reckoning when they come back to our pond.”

1 Bevinlunz v. Meechen 2: Meechen shocked the Merchantmen at home with a power-play goal at 2:54 left in the game. Loflin defenseman Voga Terker slammed home a rebound from Heiko Moordfors to give Meechen the game.

5 Sichebach v. Wrischer 3: Wrischer’s defensive struggles continued against previously winless Sichebach, who did manage 5 goals at Holtzlund to begin the season. Sichebach had a goal and an assist each from Wujbe Breemenger and Vinasolan Quinctius Quintorius.

Leg 2 of Round 2 of the BHL Flowering Branch Cup 336 NR!

Round 2 is finished and there have been upsets! Most notably Hijst is moving on to Round 3 for the first time in 44 years.

Read on for the rest of the results. Matchups for Round 3 announced soon!

#1 upset

2 Benjaminburg v. Hijst 2: The Hijsters scored their crucial second away goal with only 2:17 left in the third period and endured a last flurry of shots from Benjaminburg’s Scythers before capturing their first Flowering Branch series win over a second-division team in 44 years. Netminder Jaan Nuuruj, who stopped 29 shots, said afterwards, “This is an incredible feeling. It’s like we have won the Cup itself.” Depending on their next opponent, the Butchermen could be in line for a 10,000 schilling payoff.

#2 upset

4 Tisbe v. Noj-Sporting-West 3: Noj-Sporting West move on! The Swift Arrows won the home leg of the series, but giving up 3 away goals made the aggregate score of the series 6-4 for the Winter Kings. Sporting’s new Bearish goaltender Gregory Gatekeeper, inserted into the first team by the departure of Karl Ruust, stopped 36 of 40 shots and was given huge congratulations after the game by coach and owner Christoff Klijn. "Gatekeeper is the gatekeeper," he shouted as brandy was passed around the changing room. Dujter Gelterkint, N-S-W’s phenom, scored a goal on a wraparound and said afterwards his hero was the NHL’s Andrei Svechnikov. Tisbe defender Klaes “Boom Boom” Boomsmass was purchased by Rjaward after the game for 5,000 schillings, a consolation prize for the Tisbe management.

#3 upset

4 Armaruj v Eahnstaff 4: The Ferryman completed the sweep of the Borschland River delta teams by sticking with a determined Armaruj Cannon team for 90 minutes and equalizing with 4:10 left in the third period to send them into the next round. 37-year old former standout for Matexipar Conraad Bartul had the deciding goal for the lads from the delta.

#4 upset

5 Lassefball v. Verbrodering-Hammerspujl 5: The Blacksmiths are through to Round 3! Lassefball managed to tie the Tarlunz reserves, but V-H had already won its home game and so wrapped up the series with a win and a tie. Blacksmith center Wils Tchappelmark scored a trinity and sent the Hedgehogs home shaking their heads.

#5 upset

0 Lisandra v. Bijfhaf 0: Bijfhaf City went into collective mourning--the Loflin way of celebrating--as the clock struck zero on Lisandra's chances in the 336 Flowering Branch Cup. Wailing, crying, banging of pots and pans with spoons, dirges that went "Our hockey team has passed on to the next life" were heard all over the city. In fact, Bijfhaf has passed on to Round 3 for the first time in 7 years, thanks to a defense led by captain Rankit Anso and a shutout crafted by the veteran Rokus Osthav'n, in his 19th year after starring for Sajbell, Rjaward, and Dohmatische, as well as a stint with St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff as a player-coach.

Incredible finish

4 UB - Tujrspaarck v. Wootenmaas 3 (SO 2-1): In a seesaw game that felt like it just had to go the way of the Foresters, the Scholars of the University of Borschland came out with an unlikely shootout win as Wootenmaas’s magic ran out at the last possible moment. Wootenmaas was incredibly leading the game 2-1 with 17 minutes left in the third, but Tujrspaark woke up and put in 3 goals in a row, putting them in line to win the series with an aggregate score of 7-6. But Wootenmaas’s inspirational captain Toor Teelemark threw in a desperation wrister with 9 seconds left on the clock to send the game into a shootout. He then scored the only goal for Wootenmaas in the shootout, but it was not to be.

Other games

5 Oststaff v. King-Frujdrick-Noikapeel 2: K-F-N's dream of Round 3 glory were extinguished by Te Staff recruit Paulus Beechsterbeeck, who scored two goals and assisted on another. Oststaff's height and weight advantage came into play as they had 15 hits and kept the Kings defending all game with 47 shots on goal.

8 UB - St. Elisabeth v. Gull-Overboom 5: Gull-Overboom’s run ends in the second round as their defense collapsed under the weight of a big crowd and rink. The Engineers took advantage of sloppy defensive play on Gull’s part, converting 5 takeaways in Gull’s own zone into goals. Gull tried to keep pace but needed at least a tie to advance.

3 Retter v. Itasca 0: The Coast Guard cadets got it done at home before 1,207 fans, moving into Round 3 of the Flowering Branch Cup for the first time in 11 years. As in the first game, Itasca had a tough time in Retter’s zone, managing only 15 shots on goal. Defenseman Laurens Pohlpert turned a number of heads for Retter. “He will be on Onatten one day soon,” a fan said afterwards.

4 Dafna v. Gottwrischer 0: Dafna righted the ship in hostile waters versus the Archdeacons, scoring in the first 24 seconds of the game and putting a stake into the heart of Gottwrischer’s dreams of advancing, as Dafna won on aggregate scoring 6-3.

3 Limpael v. Kanaal 3: The Kanaal team coasted to a tie on Limpael's ice and easily made it through to the all-important 3rd round. They will be a dangerous foe with a balanced offense that includes 23-year old Matexipar recruit Ditmar Temujn, one of the only players left of the group that was sold off as a penalty to contract irregularities.

14 Alma v. Eschmass 2: Eschmass figured it couldn't get worse than a 9-0 demolition on their own home ice, but it absolutely could as Alma looked like a top-flight team in scoring the most goals it has ever scored in a Flowering Branch Cup game.  Alma’s coach Pujtr Groosmann might have made the overstatement of the year after the game: “Our next opponent had better respect us. We didn't take down a team of schoolboys. They were good, but we were better."

2 Rachenz v. St. Borsch 1: The Pelicans couldn't quite come up with the extra goal needed to send the series into a shootout, having lost 4-2 at St. Borsch on the first leg; aggregate score for Saints 6-4. Saints goaltender Julujus van Nojkeerk stood tall in denying 31 shots from Rachenz. Saints move on now to a possible match-up with a top-flight club.

4 Veefgoodergild v. Krosstop 7: Krosstop broke open a 4-4 tie in the third period with three unanswered goals, including an empty-netter as time expired. The Bluff boys move on to the third round with steam in their boilers.

5 St.-Nicholaas-Meechenstaff v. Linblad 1: An expected outcome for the Christmas Saints, who had easily handled Linblad 7-2 on Linblad's ice. Goaltender Beenz Osthav'n, 18-year old son of Rokus and S-N-M's reserve goalkeeper, stopped 16 Linblad shots and now is part of the only father-son goaltender duo that has ever made it into the third round.

6 Ellafuus v. Pohlmatische 2: Ellafuus easily moves on with an aggregate 12-3 score. They will most likely have a much more difficult draw in Round 3 and may regret that their first tune-up wasn’t more challenging.