Week 7 of the Borschland Hockey League
First Leg of Round 2 of the Flowering Branch Cup!

Breaking News: Velnath seen drinking in pub night before disastrous performance

Eyewitness reports from Meenesanne now claim that 19-year old Zimrothian goaltender Gareth Velnath was seen in a pub in Meenesanne the night before he gave up 7 goals on 11 shots.

Soon after this game, Velnath returned to Zimroth and Zimrothian spokesmen have repeatedly said he will not be coming back to Borschland.

One witness said the youth was offering glasses of Zjivanya, a Zimrothian liqueur, to anyone who wanted one. The pub reputedly was located near the Meenesanne rink and was called Te Waarp n te Woofv, a textile workers' favorite spot.

"They pay me so much more than I'm worth," one report quoted the young man as saying. "I've got money enough to treat this whole place five times over."

This would corroborate some fans in Meenesanne who believe that Velnath was spending his share of the 40,000 schilling transfer fee that was paid by Meenesanne for his services.

Another report contradicted this claim. They said Velnath was drowning his sorrows over a Borschic woman who had rejected his proposal of marriage.

"She is from Erichels," said the person who declined to be named. "She is a Holtzlund fan who was traveling to see her sister, who is married to a player on the Meechen Lions team."

Meechen played Meenesanne in Week 1, working them over in a 5-0 blowout.

"He met her before the game. She was in the stands. A beautiful lass, so he said," averred the eyewitness. "She would not entertain his suit because she was a Holtzlund fan."

Velnath was not used to being rejected, so said the source. He is from a noble family in Zimroth and extremely rich, according to Zimrothian journalists. This is another reason why he would not be gloating over the transfer fee, assuming he has seen any of it yet.

Rumor also has it that Meenesanne sought an exchange of contracts with Holtzlund, offering Velnath's services after his 7-goal debacle in exchange for young goaltender Bram Phauxhaal, but Holtzlund balked.

Will Velnath return to Borschland? If he does, will he be back with Meenesanne? No one knows where the puck will drop this time.


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