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Leg 2 of Round 2 of the BHL Flowering Branch Cup 336 NR!

Breaking News: Velnath joins Holtzlund, adds chaperone

Erichels, Borschland, Nachtober 24:

After Holtzlund’s dramatic win over Wrischer and the injury to their regular goaltender, Schmidt Max, Holtzlund has announced the acquisition of the contract of 19-year old Zimrothian goaltender Gareth Velnath from Meenesanne for the services of Noj-Sporting-West goaltender Karl Ruust, whose contract Holtzlund purchased for a sum of 8,000 schillings.

Ruust now joins Meenesanne as backup to regular goaltender Erick Ritsche, with a view to making him the number one goalie in time.

Holtzlund intend to put Velnath behind Bram Phauxhall while they wait for Max to heal, but they have no doubts Velnath can be their number one for years to come. "Gareth was highly sought after," said Holtzlund coach Dirk Eechen. "He's possibly the best goalie to come out of Zimroth in a decade or more. We believe in him and we expect him to do great things for us."

Zimrothian officials made clear that Velnath is returning on the condition he be allowed to play hockey rather than endure hazing. A Mr. Hartigath has been enlisted as a "treatment supervisor" and will shadow Velnath while he is with the team.

Meenesanne’s investment of 40,000 schillings for Velnath now has turned into the form of Karl Ruust, but they must console themselves that Ruust has high potential, having shut out second-division Tisbe in the most recent leg of the Flowering Branch Cup.

“We set our sights on Ruust because he is a blue-chip first-string prospect, whereas Phauxhall is more of a relief goalie in potential,” said Meenesanne’s general partner and president Mattheus Drachtenfeel. “Ruust will be an able apprentice to (Erick) Ritsche and we hope for more from him in the weeks and months to come.”

It appears that Meenesanne had burned its bridges with Velnath and his Zimrothian handlers, necessitating the transfer to another Borschic club. Acquiring Ruust means they were not left holding the bag while Velnath stayed permanently in Zimroth.

Ruust’s departure leaves Noj-Sporting-West without its goaltender that stopped 30 shots in shutting out Tisbe's Swift Arrows. “We will fight on,” said owner and coach Christoff Klijn. The 8,000 schillings were the most a Winter Kings team has ever received for a player and will allow them to purchase another goaltender to replace Ruust and have money left over for operations and improvements to their facility.

"We can freeze the ice now if we have a warm day," quipped Klijn. Borschland's rinks are all outdoors and some clubs rely on cold weather to make sure ice is cold enough to skate on, though league specifications indicate under-ice refrigeration systems are a requirement.

Noj-Sporting-West's rink, located in the foothills around the city of Dafna, is at an elevation of about 1500 meters and the average temperature in the winter is -3 degrees centigrade.

--From staff reports, Te Borscher Sportteelegraaf


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