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Ice-hockey-4381263_1920With the league buzzing about the departure of 19-year old Zimrothian netminder Gareth Velnath, several teams stepped up to show they're in contention for the crown. Controversy is brewing between Bevinlunz and Matexipar, who clearly see themselves as the cream of the league now that Te Staff has fallen on hard times. But Wrischer, Bjaward, Rjaward, Meechen, Tarlunz, and even Holtzlund and Atterische will have some things to say about that before the end of it all.

Image: Meechen's netminder Jens Glaadwell goes against Lojren in their third sweaters. Image by Sissi Pannach from Pixabay

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1 Sichebach v. Matexipar 4: The Iron Sticks, behind the usual excellent goaltending of Jan “The Brick” Brichterglad, easily handled Sichebach. Matexipar’s winger Joost te Beeck had two assists and said after the game, “We should be top of the table soon. Bevinlunz have [Heiko] Moordfors [the goaltender] and all respect to him but we have the Brick and our team and that’s where the argument ends.”

4 Bevinlunz v. Onatten 2: Bevinlunz opened up a 4-0 lead through two periods to cruise to a 4-2 victory behind the playmaking of Theeodoor “Teddy” Eeltinckhuus, who had 2 assists. Asked to reply to Joost te Beeck’s assessment of the Bevinlunz team, netminder and captain Heiko Moordfors spat and said, “There’s my comment.” Later Moordfors walked the comment back by saying he just had to spit at the moment, but the Matexipar press read the intent and ran with it.

2 Sajbell v. Bjaward 4: Bjaward continues on undefeated with an impressive away from home win versus reeling Sajbell. Tulliver “The Wrecker” Rectorbear continued his offensive ways with 2 assists while forechecking aggressively and picking up two penalties for boarding and interference. “Tully’s under control,” Rjaward coach Norbert Grimm said after the game. “No one should think otherwise.” Young Thomas Beecker, 21-year old winger, had his first goal of the season.

5 Rjaward v. Holtzlund 3: An empty-net goal with a few seconds to go lengthened out Rjaward’s margin of victory versus Holtzlund, but the story in this game was the frenetic end-to-end skating that resulted in 64 shots on goal (32 for each side) and spectacular saves by both goalies. In the end, Schmidt Max of Holtzlund gave up one more than Rjaward’s Lemvedeel Schmeechtpujtr. Max's GAA is an unsightly 3.33 so far in six games is and he will take a rest next game, yielding to youngster Bram Phauxhall. Rjaward’s Jens Klijnehoop scored two and had an assist, including the empty-netter.

2 Lojren v. Meechen 3: Meechen was the better side tonight, countering 2 goals from Lojren’s Kai Ganesmund, who is having a stellar campaign so far. Henk de Wilde, who is of Walloon Belgian stock from the Staff Borsch area, scored for Meechen and assisted on the decider from Arthuur Krenkl, the younger brother of Dohmatische netminder Rokus.

3 Atterische v. Wrischer 3: Wrischer found the net with a short-handed breakaway with 5:05 left in the third period as Atterische were hoping to extend a 3-2 lead on a hooking penalty against Anvorian foward Tomas Scheelgrav. A furious attack at the end came up with no goals and Atterische lamenting a lost opportunity. Wrischer is 4-1-1 in the new season and regaining their form from their amazing 333 NR championship run. Atterische found a silver lining in a goal and an assist from second-line center Ruud Pampujrmoole.

6 Tarlunz v. Meenesanne 1: Tarlunz sliced up the Meenesanne defense and journeyman goaltender Erick Ritsche for 6 goals evenly spaced, 2 a period. Gaining his first trinity of the season was center Habel Baarda, who now has scored 262 regular-season goals in his illustrious 13-year career.

1 Dohmatische v. Te Staff 0: Dohmatische finally found a way to win even though scoring fewer than 2 goals. The defense stiffened and Te Staff’s lack of cohesion among the forwards showed up in spades. Dohmatische’s netminder Rokus Krenkl registered his first shutout of the season, but the 28-year old was quick to credit his defenders’ improved discipline in avoiding penalties. “One penalty I can handle,” said Krenkl. “Six, not so easily.”


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