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The basics of the Borschland Hockey League

NHL Canes giveaway!

Bhl_away_jerseyTo celebrate the Carolina Hurricanes' appearance in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals, Breakfast with Pandora books is giving away free Kindle copies of D.W. Frauenfelder's first book in the Borschland Hockey Chronicles trilogy, Skater in a Strange Land.

SIASL is the perfect way to travel to Borschland, a land that time forgot that is sometimes in our world and sometimes not. And Sherm Reinhardt, the hero of our story, is the perfect traveling companion, especially for hockey fans. There's romance, espionage, talking bears, nerding out with ice hockey, airships, and a bunch of other fun, strange, and hockey-oriented stuff. The genre is Teampunk, AKA Steampunk and Sports.

Check it out here.

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Go Canes Go! Stanley Cup bound.

(Image: The Borschland Hockey League national team away jersey. Sorry that they are Penguins colors, Canes fans. Don't hold it against the team.)


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Dennis Winstead

This Atlanta boy is pulling for the Canes!

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