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Master Mage of Rome the third: "The Prophecy of Apulu"

Breakfast with Pandora Books is thrilled to announce the prospective release of the third book in the Master Mage of Rome series: The Prophecy of Apulu.

Following The Mirror and the Mage and The Staff and the Shield, The Prophecy of Apulu will bring to a hair-raising close the adventures of Lucius Junius Brutus and his partner-in-magic, Demetria.

The release is slated for June 2018.

Based on historical events, The Prophecy of Apulu follows Lucius, Demetria, and the two sons of King Tarquin the Proud on a long journey to the heart of Greece. 

The king sends the youths with a question: Who should be the next king of Rome?

The only one who can answer the question: the god Apollo ("Apulu" in the Etruscan language), who has the gift of unerring prophecy.

But Lucius and Demetria know that the haruspices, the Etruscan seers and soothsayers they have been battling for years, want to take power in the city for themselves, foiling the glorious destiny of Rome.

What does the journey have in store for the two friends? Danger, certainly. Pirates, most likely.

And what will happen when and if they make it back safely to Rome? Will the haruspices have seized power and found a way to counter Lucius' powerful magic?

The key is found in the marvelous prophecy of Apulu.


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