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Every day in the brave new world of publishing, there's something new. 

I don't mean new books. There are a million new books every day, God love every single one of them. 

No, it's an exciting time because independent authors are literally changing the publication world.

Take Lyn Fairchild Hawks. My colleague at True North Writers & Publishers Co-operative hired a group of creative people to make a book trailer to market her novel, How Wendy Redbird Dancing Survived the Dark Ages of Nought.

An author. Hired. Creative people. And her book came alive on the screen, if only for a few minutes.

Gone the days of the author as a solitary, lonely misfit locked in a garret, producing brilliant things but on the road to depression and worse.

Now we have the Author as Executive Producer.

And it's amazing. Just watch. And then get the book, enjoy, and see if your vision of Wendy matches with this one.


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It's not only time for authors to break out of the traditional slaughterhouse mode of submission to traditional publishers. It's also time for authors to join with other artists and celebrate the fact that our brains are teeming with colors, people, and whole worlds.

And it's never a bad time to share one's work-- of course, in the hopes of making a dollar, but also just because we're human. 

I'm optimistic about the future of books. I know it's rough for a lot of folks. But it's going to shake out.

In the meantime, I look forward to more collaborations between word and image. 

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