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Skater's first author blurb

Skater.cover.smallIt's always good to get feedback on your book, positive or negative. This weekend someone gently told me, "Your title sucks!" Well, sheesh. I thought it didn't. 

On the brighter side, local author Kate Betterton, whose debut novel "Where the Lake Becomes the River" knocks my socks off, sent me this promotional blurb which I will proudly feature wherever I get a chance:

Skater in a Strange Land, set in the time-shifting continent of Borschland, is a beautifully written, funny, quirky and good-hearted novel, sure to appeal to a broad readership. Romantics of all stripes will enjoy the blooming attraction between the book's hero Sherm and Borschland's intriguing poetess Rachel; appreciators of kick-ass hockey tournaments will love the action. Prepare to laugh aloud as you revel in Frauenfelder's captivating writing that takes you along on a rollicking adventure set in a fascinating alternate world. 

I had the privilege of reviewing "Where the Lake Becomes the River" here. And I expanded on my review here. If you like Southern literature, you'll be captivated. It's a gorgeous read, dense and thoughtful, and I'm honored an author of her talent has said something so nice about my work. Thanks, Kate.



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