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Book, not author, goes on book tour

Etwart.skaterAnnouncing a different kind of book tour:

This summer and fall, Skater in a Strange Land, the book, is going on a journey.

Etwart says, stuff those mailers!

I will be sending copies of this fantasy novel of "ice hockey, upright bears, and other matters of the heart" to friends, acquaintances and strangers throughout the US and Canada.

These recipients are not asked to read the book, however.

They will be placing the book in locations such as coffee shops or other public places where readers are likely to gather.

Anyone who picks up the book will find a message encouraging him or her to read the book, report their experience to this website, and then pass it on to another reader or leave it where they found it.

I hope this campaign will result in a myriad of reviews, stories and serendipities.

Would you like to receive a copy of Skater and participate in the book tour? Leave a comment, write me at teenage underscore heroes at sign yahoo dot com, or @truenorthwrite, or at, tell me where you are located, and where you would like to place the book.

It would be even better if you take a photo of where you leave the book, and send it to me, so we can do a reveal post.

So far the book is on its way to New York, Pennsylvania, California, and Oregon. Where else will it go?

The poet Martial, who is a favorite of Borschic schoolteachers, wrote a beautiful poem about the journey of his book to Spain:


Go, my brave little book,
Go, keep our friend Flavus company,
over the sea, over waves that speed you
and with winds behind you-- 
Fair be your passage.
...Hie thee, then, little traveler,
You know, I reckon,
they won't hold the boat for one book.




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