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Saints alive in Borschland

The second novel of the Borschland Hockey Chronicles is titled "The Skater and the Saint," and I'm hard at work on it and bursting to tell everyone what's in it.

But I'll keep it under wraps until the book comes out, hopefully in December.

In the meantime, I can tell you a little bit about the "saint" part of the title.

In Borschland, the people venerate and ask for the prayers of the saints. Some of them are traditional Christian saints, like St. Peter and St. Mary. 

Most of them, however, are actual Borschic people who lived in the first century of Borschland's existence, and who, some say, still live today and return to Borschland during phase shifts especially when the country's in danger.

You can read about the first two saints, St. Noos and St. Borsch, in my "Tales of Borschland Volume 1: The Winter Tree." Normally that's a $2.99 e-book at Smashwords. But Smashwords is offering authors a way to send out complimentary copies. So write me if you want one, and I'll give you a coupon code for a free e-copy of the inside scoop on the Twin Saints of Borschland.

Happy reading and writing, all.


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