A new Borschland short, with Latin
Saints alive in Borschland

Solve puzzle, win fortune

In the mythical country of Borschland, newspapers carry a word puzzle that is as popular as a crossword puzzle in the United States. Try your hand at it!

Unscramble the sentence to make a grammatically correct Latin sentence. Translate the sentence accurately. The sentence may refer to an ancient story. If so, use your knowledge of the story to guide you to the correct translation.

Latin I: semper sub cum navem flumen terram navigabis trans spiritis

Latin II: Apollonis rapuerat bovibus rex nuntio de quae dixit deorum

Latin III and above: Gallis Romam arcis dicunt anseres collem servavisse ascendentibus poetae

Give your answer to one or more of the Jumbles in the comments. If you're the first one correct, you get a ticket in the upcoming Borschland National Sweepstakes with the chance to win a fortune in Borschic schillings (BS), redeemable as soon as your plane hits the ground in fabled Borschland.

BTW... If you don't know any Latin, putting the scrambled words in Google Translate might give you a fighting chance to figure it out, especially if you know a little mythology or history. But the scrambled nature of the puzzle means Google will be a bit misled.

Even better-- find someone online who knows Latin and ask him or her.

May the odds be ever with you, or, as we say in Borschland, Te Lot Zijn Soort!


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