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What is Steampunk Lite?

Skater.cover.small"Skater in a Strange Land" is not Steampunk.

Not exactly.

I spent a long time trying to figure out into what genre "Skater" fits. According to indie publishing guru Dean Wesley Smith, to sell your book, you need to know the category.

I did a lot of research. But when I settled on fantasy, it was because a reader in my demographic immediately pronounced it fantasy upon being asked what category she'd choose for it.

My personal favorite, however, remains "Steampunk Lite." This is a phrase coined by the Steamed! blog, which features books, authors, and thoughts on Steampunk, especially romance.

"Skater in a Strange Land" has elements of Steampunk:  a Victorian-Edwardian setting that hosts advanced technology, including airships (blimps or dirigibles).

Advanced technology for Steampunk is usually a weapon or a time machine with lots of brass pipes and gears. For "Skater," it's refrigeration. 

Steampunk Lite.

Much Steampunk has vampires, paranormal beasts and other villains. "Skater" has "Upright" bears that the hero describes as "genteel pirates."

A bit of the old Steampunk Lite.

Steampunk heroines are often kick-ass swashbucklers. The heroine of "Skater" is a poetess, though in her way she is quite kick-ass, especially when querying a newspaper editor with her work, or waltzing with the hero and trying to figure out why he suspects she is a some kind of spy.

It's a lighter Steampunk than the normal. But with all the taste.

I will be beginning fun and promotions soon, including puzzles from Borschland (get your Latin language on), Borschic lottery tickets, gothic Borschic short stories, and maps of Borschland.

Please stay tuned as we trip the lite fantastic.

"Skater" launches

Skater.cover.small"Skater in a Strange Land" is now available as an e-book on Kindle.

The print version will be available soon.

If you've come here after reading the book, welcome. Click on the link that says "Some facts about Borschland" if you'd like to learn more.

I hope to update and refurbish this site soon, and am at work now on Book 2 of the Borschland Hockey Chronicles, "The Skater and the Saint."