Skater in a strange land, Amazon synopsis
Borschland Hockey League: predicted finishes

Follow BHL during NHL lockout

The NHL lockout has put the 2012-13 season on hold-- briefly, hockey fans hope.

So for now, if you want to follow ice hockey, you have to look elsewhere.

That's where this blog comes to the rescue.

The mythical Borschland Hockey League is entering its 75th season with a full schedule of 30 games. Follow your favorite teamin their quest for the fabled Bloomenstaaf (Flowering Branch) Cup.

Every day as long as the lockout continues, there will be a post on this blog offering news, scores, player profiles, games, and other fun.

Here's a thumbnail profile of all 16 teams in the Borschland Hockey League.

Click on the links to the side for more information on Borschland and the novel Skater in a Strange Land, to be published in October by Plantin-Moretus Press.


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