Sherm Reinhardt, American hero
"Skater" launches

BHL season begins

Bjaward 3, Bevinlunz 1: Yesterday, Bevinlunz lost their first game of the season at home 3-1 to Bjaward. But they lost something even more important in that game. Center Sikke Pfelward went down with what team doctors later diagnosed as a high ankle sprain after trying to keep up with super-youth Jelle Sudmaas on one of his express train runs to the goal. Pfelward is expected to miss at least three games. The Sudmaas brothers, Jelle and Joris, combined for two goals and two assists. After the game, Jelle apologized for skating so fast. “I will try to tone it down in future games,” said he.



Bjaward 1 1 1- 3

Bevinlunz 0 0 1- 1

Goals: Bjaward: Jelle Sudmaas from Joris Sudmaas and Kejls Lachten; Jelle Sudmaas from Joris Sudmaas and Uwe Geelt; Jens Te Vries from Michel Hoosenfujr.

Bevinlunz: Gerrit Visser from Klaes Andersfvolk and Ejtel Pujbinga.

 Goalminders: Bjaward, Aurelius Aequandio; Bevinlunz, Marcel Truumaas.


Te Staff 7, Tarlunz 2: Sherm Reinhardt led Te Staff in their home opener with a goal on his first shot in the league, plus two assists. Uwe Sipken added two goals and a pair of assists. Columnists in Staff Borsch newspapers are already wondering if it is a good idea to let a North American into the league; could they all be better than Borschic players? Reinhardt was not a star in the NHL; what would happen if the stars came here to play? Would the league lose its Borschic quality? First, we must see if Reinhardt can keep this up.


Summary Scoring

Tarlunz 0 0 2- 2

Te Staff 2 2 3- 7

Goals: Te Staff: Sherm Reinhardt, unassisted; Uwe Sipken from Sherm Reinhardt and Chrujstoff Anselm; Hauke Sybrandy from Jens Kuulwipp and Michel Jaaregrujn; Uwe Sipken from Tor Dulsehaamer; Chrujstoff Anselm from Uwe Sipken and Sherm Reinhardt; Sigurd WIlbanks from Ruuduj Hertz; Pujtr Grujg from Rejner Muurelfujt and Wils Bifvrau.


Goals: Tarlunz: Thierry Purlieu from Uwe Glittenbeerk; Rokus Ponderbeeter from Uwe Glittenbeerk and Karolus Frujt.


Goalminders: Te Staff, Norbert Grimm; Tarlunz, Lubert Veeststaff, Dragoon Camarata.


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