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Skater in a strange land, Amazon synopsis

I invite readers to submit even shorter synopses. Short is good.

24-year old Sherman Reinhardt dreams of playing ice hockey professionally, but his career at a backwater Minnesota college disappoints-- until his doctored resume convinces a team owner that he's good enough to play in the mythical Borschland Hockey League.

Borschland is a place time never discovered, on a continent that shifts between our universe and another. Here the locals drive horse-drawn carriages and fly in helium-buoyed airships, but everyone is mad about hockey. Sherm is welcomed as visiting royalty and beyond all expectations leads his team towards a championship. Even better, he wins the admiration of the hypnotic, headstrong poetess Rachael Martujns.

But then a shadowy friend, the Upright Bear, Linus Black, Jr., claims Sherm's success is a sham: higher-ups are ordering opponents to let him succeed.

What's going on? Is Rachael faking it, too? Is it time to wake from the dream? Finding the truth becomes Sherm's ultimate goal.


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