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Everyone has a story and it's always worth listening to.


Breakfast with Pandora is dedicated to helping readers clearly understand and appreciate Greek Mythology, modern mythology, the Greek and Roman world, and everything related to it. Readers are encouraged to write in with questions to teenage underscore heroes at symbol yahoo dot com.

I have spent nearly two decades studying, writing about, and teaching ancient and comparative mythology. I used to write scholarship, but found the audience, the subjects, and sometimes the mentality too narrow. I now write for general audiences, a vocation which has its own set of joys and challenges-- mostly joys.

References to God, faith, the Bible and other religious subjects, when they arise, are directly influenced by my orientation as active Episcopalian and Christian humanist.

The author photo depicts the author gazing thoughtfully out the window, accompanied by his faithful companion, Etwart, the last of the pygmy hippopotami from Neolithic Cyprus.


good stories, the craft of writing, theology, singing, church softball, Durham Bulls, San Francisco Giants, farmers' markets, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, cooking, breadbaking, eating, wine.