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Bob Mustin

I'm for indie publishing. Unless you're a genre writer does so by an almost Harlequin-esque formula, you're probably better off seeking indie publishing. At least that way you have the option of getting your stuff into book stores. Not very easy with self-pub.


You're blazing a trail, Bob.


I'm a reluctant initiate, Dave, but still hovering around the altar. It's been a hell of a year, so many revisions, so much wondering when I'll get it right, and then wondering what "right" is. I see how publishers don't always market well, edit well, and move novels quickly into production, so why all this song and dance to sell? Then I think about me trying to hawk my wares via Facebook and other sites, becoming a roving and self-promoting author, and I think, Bob's got it right; go indie. So I don't know, but I will say that I have labored long outside the pearly gates and hope to know in a few months what my next steps are. My head is back down for revision right now, the sackcloth is on, and this metaphor is flagellated to death, but I see the end coming soon. :-) I may not get what I want, but I will have learned some things about my manuscript, and I think it's better for it. I'm a stronger writer today than years ago.


Lyn, Your last sentence for sure revealed a bit of treasure in traditional publishing: trying to get an agent makes you work really really hard on your book and craft, and you do improve. Even just the exercise of writing synopses, query letters, and market analyses hones your idea of what you've got and can point to what you need to do in a revision. The problem with that is you don't necessarily know when you have revised too much. You may lose your original vision through trying to please someone else.

Thanks for torturing the metaphor and continuing the conversation.

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