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Bob Mustin

No pun intended (you know it always is), but this one could be the "fall from grace" story. Maybe the redemption one comes later.

RCH by way of Facebook

Any loose parallels with the myth of Daedalus and Icarus? In his attempt to escape the labyrinth (ordinary life) and fly (achieve fame), Daedalus sacrifices his young son? And how interesting that the Colorado boy's name is Falcon. (He didn't die but he was made sick by his father's request to lie...)

RCH by way of Facebook

Bob-- That one "flew" right over my head. Seriously, I hope so, but this one seems more like a tragedy than a grace-filled story.

Rebecca-- You're absolutely right, and when I teach Daedalus-Icarus I do talk about how Daedalus sacrifices his son for his own wishes. If I can I'll do a post about all the ancient versions of the Daedalus story and how Icarus is portrayed.

Rebecca Clay Haynes

I'm looking forward to hearing/reading more of your thoughts on this. It will also be interesting to see how this story plays out -- so far, it looks like the parents will plead not-guilty. Will their sons -- as the primary witnesses -- "betray" them by revealing the truth? Will Icarus survive to tell the real story, and thereby bring down his father?


Rebecca, You're giving me plenty of leads. Brava.

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