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Geo. Bodmer

Maybe this is related, but I was talking to a food marketer recently, socially rather than professionally. With regard to those boxed cake mixes, where you add oil, eggs, mix with an electric mixer, he said there's absolutely no reason for making the consumer add fresh eggs; it could be done easily with powdered eggs in the mix. But cracking the eggs is so satisfying; it makes the user feel he or she is actually baking.


Yes, exactly! And it saves the company a few pennies a box, too, which adds up when you sell millions a year.

Thanks for that and for reading BwP.


I don't know. Giving money to poor people if you help promote an imitation food? I'm pretty sure those crescent rolls aren't made of butter and salt and whole wheat flour. They can afford to give charitably because their ingredients are highly processed by-products of heavily subsidized, but nutritionally suspicious, crops.

It's sad to me that these advertisers have co-opted the happy associations of real bread, the stuff you can subsist on, like the sourdough you wrote about a few posts back. Real bread smells so good! Around here, we rarely make real bread because of the difficulty of kneading while holding a baby, but I make quick breads from scratch at least once a week. You can't beat the smell and taste of real bread. After returning to real food, commercialized imitation foods like the crescent rolls and other breadish things that come in cylinders smell weird to me. If only we'd all follow our noses instead of our eyes! Then bakers of real bread might be able to afford to sponsor the news.

Oh, and this post made me think of Jasper Fforde's Toast Marketing Board (


Summer-- I think in leaching out all the snarkiness from my post, I may have left the impression that I'm in league with this corporation. Hope not. Merely trying to be somewhat neutral, in my pollyanna way.


Oh, I meant to criticize their philosophy, not your even handed take,

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