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I must say... truly amazing to read. I should be doing homework by now, but your text about what Odysseus name really ment, and now this, has really caught me.

I'm a youngster, and very interested in languages and mythology. Besides, your text was very... intellectual, something like a pleasure to read these days. And the fact that you referred to a quote by Oscar Wilde, that truly made my day (or evening).

I will hopefully check out this blog again, as I think I fell in love with it.
Merri Kurisumasu.


Merry Christmas to you, too. As we say in the South, come back and see us.


Ojala que esperar que Britany Leye este... (which is my hopeless and probably pathetic Spanish phonetic hope that Britany reads this someday!)


Por que quieres escribir en Espanol??


Oddly enough, when I'm feeling particularly emphatic about something - it's ALWAYS Ojala que... It's much more expressive than English. Silly, I know - but since you asked, there you go!

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