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Bob Mustin

The first shot, of the KC Tower, is a nice one. Does this old structural engineer's heart good to see a cable stayed building.


I've been to Kansas City KANSAS - who everyone in Kansas believes is the better city... but I can't comment.

All I know is there was a lot of beef eatin' - and a lot of towns that remain in the "Frontier" category, as defined by the US Government...

Kansas was a lot more hilly than I expected it to be -

Oops. I guess my ignorance is showing...again.



Hello, folks. Hope you are doing well. Bob, you should see the bridge in western Greece over the entrance to the Saronic Gulf. This is a cable-stayed masterpiece.

Kelly, I had ribs, including lamb ribs, once, and they were good. The Kansas City, Kansas baseball team is called the T-Bones.

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